Sunday, February 23, 2014

our journey through infertility

I'm linking in at Kelly's Korner for her SUYL - Infertility. 

If you're a regular reader {all 10 of you ;-)}, you already know about our journey. If you're visiting from Kelly's Korner, welcome :) I hope that you're encouraged by our story -- the same way I was when I read through all of the others who have linked up. There are so many inspiring stories and brave women who have opened their hearts through this SUYL.

I'll start off by telling you where we're at right now and then let you link to the rest of our journey if you're interested....

Right now, our little boy is kicking my stomach and doing somersaults all throughout the night!

Yes, we're pregnant! I'm due April 22 :) 

We count this pregnancy as nothing short of a God given miracle, in God's perfect timing. 

The week we turned in our completed adoption family profile {for birth mothers to view and chose from,} to our social worker, I found out that I was pregnant. We.were.shocked.

Infertility is no joke. It's hard. It's lonely. And it has made my heart change and grow in ways that I'm not sure anything else could. To feel immeasurable joy for a friend, family member, stranger in the store, etc who is pregnant and disappointment for yourself at the exact same time is so confusing. It doesn't feel fair....for anybody. 

You can read all about it in these posts {sorry, I know it's a lot}....
IVF #3 Cycle: here & here

Of all the things I still feel unsure about in regards to our experience...I have been confident in one thing the entire time: God is good

He has been good through our failed IVF cycles, failed IUI, and weirdo genetic test results. I might not have felt genuine joy through it all, but I can confidently say that God has been good. He's good when things go our way and when they don't - it's just a fact. 

I'm also confident that this miracle growing inside me is 100% a production of God's hand. Many people have told me that it's because we stopped trying....because the stress of trying was gone.....because everyone they know who stopped trying got pregnant right away....etc.

I just don't believe that. I believe that God had a plan and we try so hard to make sense of it, that we use those kind of phrases and reasons when, to me, the truth is that God said it was time.

We feel incredibly blessed!! We cannot wait to meet our little boy in April and celebrate his arrival! I know that it doesn't go this way for everyone and every day I try to pray for someone who I know is personally going through the throngs of infertility - it's not easy.

If you're reading and struggling with infertility now, please continue to have hope and trust in God's plan. I'd love to pray for you - please just let me know :)
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Emily said...

Oh I love you all so much. Can't wait to meet little man and love on him too!!

Chelley N said...

New follower here - found you through Kelly's Korner link-up and am excited to follow your journey!

Leah @ Everyday Love said...

I would love to feature your story on my blog series: Our Journey to Parenthood if you're interested!

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