Friday, March 29, 2013

our embryos and transfer

When the nurse called on Thursday to give me an update on our embryos she said there was good news and bad news. 

After getting off the phone I decided it was just bad news and bad news, and she was just trying to be positive (her job is probably awesome when she gets to deliver real good news and awful when it's bad - totally stinks for her). 

Essentially on day 4 (thursday), 3 of our embryos arrested and the last 2 were in an unstable morula Phase. The morula phase happens right before they become blastocysts. They only transfer and freeze embryos that have become blastocysts. 

She encouraged us to say a little prayer for the last 2, but to not get our hopes up and prepare ourselves for possible disappointing news. She'd call Friday after they were checked and give me an update.

It's pretty obvious when you're about to get bad news....the long pause...the low voice. 

So our last 2 didn't make it to day 6. 

I'm not sure how I feel. Right now I'm pretty at peace with it all and trying with my inmost being to trust God's bigger plan for us.  I just wonder..."what the heck???" sometimes -- ya know?? Ha 

I will say our 5 little embryos chose quite the week to join Heaven :-) 

Without Jesus there would be no point in any of this. 

He is risen! 

Happy Easter! 

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Andrea said...

I was so sad to read your update. You continue to amaze me with your strength - thinking of the other women going through the same struggles and even the nurse and how her tough (and great) her job must be.

You are in my thoughts so much right now and I am continuing to pray for you and your family. {hugs}

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