Sunday, March 31, 2013


We celebrated Easter in New Jersey with Ryan's family. His Dad is a pastor, so it's always a neat experience to be part of the service. 

We headed over Friday night and stayed until after Easter lunch - it was a nice little weekend vacation. I was ready to get away for a few days! 

Naturally, there were Easter baskets!! And notice Phinley trying to sneak attack. He wanted Ryan's socks SO bad!  
Any guesses which one belonged to my one year old niece? 

A zoom in on Lamby the Easter basket. SO cute!!

Since it was just Ryan and I for a bit after church, we took turns taking pictures of ourselves with our "child" {yes, I'm that woman...don't judge}.
They both look thrilled :-D haha 

All the fun really started once Alayna arrived...

And SIL Shannon
{She is gorgeous, fun, and single. Just sayin'}

Alayna loves candy!  

Ummm....who can blame her?!?

And playing the piano...

Just like someone else I know 0:-)

Hope you had a blessed day!

Off to eat some candy...

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Mrs. Moyer said...

The picture of you and Phin is beautiful!! Definitely a framer!!

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