Wednesday, January 10, 2018

christmas in nj

So we had the Cowell Family Christmas, Christmas at our house on the 25th, Ryan's birthday, AND THEN Christmas at Ryan's parents house.

Anyone tired yet??

I actually really liked having a few days between the big day and traveling. Gave me time to clean things up, let the boys play with their new toys, pack, and spend time with just Ryan and the boys. It was also something to look forward to later in the week once the initial Christmas excitement started to wind down.

The stomach bug kept 2 family members away, but everyone else was there!

After dinner we opened cousin/aunt/uncle gifts!

 I have really grown to love the crazy that this all is!
 The boys got so many great gifts!! Very lucky little guys!

 We stayed 2 days and to start day 2 we headed straight for the trampoline park!
Both boys loved it! We got there right when they opened and basically had the place to ourselves...30 minutes later and it was packed
 The boys basically run in opposite directions so things like this are definitely a family affair :)
After naps, we did gifts with Ryan's parents!! Christmas just kept on coming for these 2! 
 By this point Penn had the unwrapping thing down.
 I'll let you guess which gift was the biggest immediate hit! BALLS!

 This sweet boy had a little run in with the treadmill the morning of Ryan's birthday and his busted lip really took form a few days later. It was sad, gross, and seemed to look worse each day.

 Keaton got this camera and l.o.v.e.d. it! It's been a riot hearing him snap pictures..."Mommy saaaaay 'special treat'" 😂 I give him credit for trying ;0)
 Penn became a real big boy helper while we were gone! Usually he just pounds screwdrivers into things, but this time he was using it the right way! haha
 He spent a long time working on that chair.
 Later that night we took the boys to Ryan's sister's husband's parent's {bahaha follow that?!} house to see their huge train display! This was 1/2 of one display. They had trains in their kitchen, tv room, and a giant display in the basement! Keaton loved it and Penn did too, but he's a 2 year old godzilla when it comes to stuff like this, so after this picture I had to hold him back, which led to a meltdown. It was fun, but exhausting.
And this is where the pictures {and majority of obvious fun} ends. 

We woke up the next day ready to take another small road trip to Ryan's Mom's extended family Christmas only to find Penn had been sick in the night. We cleaned him up and he was really in a good we thought maybe it was a random thing and went ahead with our plans.

Silly us. I'm glad we got to see some of the family, but then Penn ended up throwing up on me and was just miserable. 

He was okay during the drive home, but it wasn't over for another day. Keaton ended up having an ear infection 2 days after that and I was officially exhausted. Even though I sat around a lot, it's tiring caring for 2 sick little boys! Thankful for Ryan's help!!

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

happy birthday Ryan

Happy Birthday to my main squeeze...on 12/27!! 💗

We had a cake when my family was visiting, so it was a pretty low key day. Honestly, I felt bad because we didn't do anything super special. Ryan had been cashing in on all his free birthday stuff {Moe's, Starbucks, etc} all week and so it made sense to get his free Red Robin burger on his actual birthday :)  AND we had a gift card to use. Ryan gets more excited about free stuff than anyone I know.

We were going to take the boys to Chocolate World right before lunch, but it was packed with holiday goers, so we opted for the zoo. Outside. Since it was 2 degrees I quickly regretted letting him talk me into that. It was his birthday, but I should have been the strong voice of reason and said "no thanks." Penn's hands froze and that made him very....mad. We sat in the car for a long time waiting for him to gain his composure so we could go in.
 Thankfully it wasn't crowded and our waiter was awesome!
 Let's pretend this is Keaton singing "Happy Birthday" and not straight up yelling :) It was a little crazy {like it always is eating out with these 2}, but we had fun! I think.
We did gifts earlier in the day and had early invention come to evaluate Penn later in the afternoon and into the evening...and that was it! 

Post-Christmas birthdays are rough! I think we need a do-over, although Ryan insisted it was fine!

Men. 😁

Monday, January 8, 2018

happy christmas

My parents hung around for a few days after our Cowell Family Christmas to spend Christmas day with us! 

I loved having them here to share in all the fun with the boys :) 

I also loved that Christmas Eve was on a Sunday. With the boys still being pretty young, an evening Christmas Eve service just isn't possible right now, so we got to worship in the morning instead.

Last year, I really enjoyed doing the sparkle box with Keaton, so I wanted to keep it, but decided to do it Christmas Eve instead of Christmas morning. I thought the excitement of the morning would just be too much. I put it out on Christmas Eve while the boys were with Ryan getting on their jammies. 

Keaton was more than excited to see it back!!

We filled it with slips of paper naming ways we've served Jesus over this last year and, of course, 2 lollipops :) The boys were much more excited for the lollipops, but one day {maybe years and years from now} they'll get it. Traditions have to start somewhere :) 
 Watching a Charlie Brown Christmas :)

Penn was a big sleepy head Christmas morning, so we ended up going into his room to wake him up. All he wanted to do was read Pete the Cat :) I think someone mentioned getting pancakes and he was ready to go down ;0)
Our annual "getting ready to go down the steps" picture :) 
For fun...
WOW! Lots of presents!
 Love my family :)
 It went back and forth between being really busy and chaotic and calm as the boys opened and then played with their gifts.

Keaton was really into he just wanted gift after gift!


 He was a good helper boy too - handing some out...
And then unwrapping those 🙈

This play dough set was a huge hit! Penn ran it right to the table so he could play :)
A little play dough break and breakfast did everyone good and then we opened the rest! 
I mean....if your family room isn't completely trashed can you even call it Christmas?!? HAHA
Maybe next year I'll be in more than 1 picture next year ;0)

The boys took nice naps and then played with Pop-pop and Grammy the rest of the day.

We were sad to see they go, but joyful they could spend that time with us!

We hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas day!

Our festivities continued later in the week at Ryan's parent's house!

Friday, January 5, 2018

cowell family christmas

We started off our Christmas celebrations with my side of the family the Saturday before Christmas :) My parents, sisters {and families} don't all get the chance to get together nearly enough, so this was real a treat!

My oldest sister, being the genius that she is, suggested we get a family picture first thing before the kids got distracted with new toys or hangry. 

Aren't family pictures one of those things everyone hates to do, but loves to have?!?

Little madness before the pictures set up...
My other older sister, being the genius that she is, was able to get my camera settings right so we could get a decent picture. Keaton was the test subject while we got the camera ready. 
 Took a while and I was pretty sure my uncharged camera battery was going to die...
 But we got a great shot! The dogs butt and everything made it into the picture 😄
 Lots of loving this day....Grammy & Hadley :) 
 Kisses for cousin Owen :)
 And even Phinley got loads of attention 🐶
 These 2 are almost a year apart, but you wouldn't know it. It's only a matter of minutes before Noel is bigger than Penn. And possibly able to open our door locks...he's a smart one ;0) Some snacks before presents!
 Youngest goes first - get 'em Noel!

 The boys got so many awesome gifts, but the favorite was probably this mailbox. K was SO excited and ran straight to the basement to grab some of his toy mail he had from another toy.

 Lunch, cookies, cookies, more cookies, long naps for the kids...
 A few rounds of airplane and just like that it was over! 
Looking forward to this being an annual family Christmas event!
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