Tuesday, October 31, 2017

happy halloween

Happy Halloween!!
from the Peanuts gang :) We had our trick or treat night last Thursday {don't ask why, I have no idea} and so we've already gotten dressed up and are loaded with candy 😁
Keaton had he and Ryan's costumes picked out a long time ago. He was going to be Snoopy and Ryan was Charlie Brown. It seemed obvious for Penn to be Woodstock and I went as the teacher 😉
K was pretty disappointed at my lack of dressing up, so next year I'll definitely have to put something together!

Charlie Brown and Snoopy! Best buds!
 Penn had a fruit snack, lollipop, or some kind of candy item in his mouth or hand the entire night. Some things come so naturally for him. HA
Ryan and K carved their pumpkin in the afternoon to have it ready for the big night! It's like looking in a mirror, huh Snoopy? 
And now for the cutest Halloween song you've ever heard...
 {you might need to watch a few times to catch Penn digging through our candy in the background}
The boys had a great time going around to all the houses and lasted for almost an hour!
 Our neighborhood is pretty big and we get tons of kids...probably 200 trick or treaters!!

 Keaton gave his candy a thumbs up 👍
At this point, Penn had already eaten a lollipop, fruit snacks, and pack of M&Ms...it looks like we didn't give him anything but we had to cut him off! You can just barely see the blue candy stain around his mouth. haha 
Growing up I always hated Halloween. Having kids and living in a neighborhood full of kids has slowly started to change my attitude :) Hope everyone has a fun and safe night! :)

Monday, October 23, 2017

pumpkin picking 2017

We made our annual trip to Gray's Apple Ridge :)

Here are recaps from our trips in 
Can't believe this is our 4th year! It was definitely the best one so far! 

We decided to skip the apples and just pick pumpkins this year. There were 2 school groups picking apples, but we were the only ones getting pumpkins!!

You'll want to watch this :)

 Well...we tried to get a family picture! I love that I'm sandwiched between 2 redheads here :)
Don't let these pictures fool you - Penn wasn't crazy about traipsing around the patch. I carried him most of the time. 

 Looking at a bug here...
 Life is better in the arms of the one you love...
 Our big helper boy cleaned off the pumpkins and we were on our way!

No crying. No meltdowns. No 90 degree temps. 

Miracles do happen 😉

Friday, October 20, 2017

fall trip to NC

The boys and I got back last week from another trip to visit my parents in NC!

Keaton and Penn were awesome the entire drive...like rock star children. We stopped ONE time for lunch and a bathroom break and that was it!! It was quick, easy, and one of the best trips down that I've had. I'd like to think I did something awesome as a parent to have outcomes like this, but I'm pretty sure it was the DVD player and ring pops.
Rain was in the forecast for every.single.day. we were there except one, so we didn't waste any time on our nice day and headed to one of the boys' favorite places - Pullen Park 😊 
Penn loved the slide and Keaton loved the train, carousel, and boat rides.

 Breakfast at Grammy and Pop Pops...with the look on Penn's face Pop Pop is up to no good 😉
 We went out a lot, but stayed in too. Sunday afternoon Penn was just out of sorts, so we took it easy and stayed at home. Keaton iced his foot...
And then we/I put together this train set. I found it on craigslist and saved it as a surprise for the boys. I thought it would be fun for them to have something new to play with....Keaton LOVED it! He played with it for h.o.u.r.s. {while Pop Pop slept}.
We just loved the change in routine!

And of course our usual trip to Marbles {where I'm 99% sure I got a stomach bug that hit me the day before we left!!} 

The stomach bug was my big finish to the week, but before that my Mom and I got to do a little shopping and take Keaton to Build A Bear {where I cried because it was SO cute!}.

The boys were just as good riding home as when we drove down. Again, ROCK STARS! The most exciting thing that happened was when Penn laid on the bathroom floor in McDonalds and said hi to the woman in the stall next to us. He's a mess. It was 20 degrees colder in PA too!

We love our trips south! Always a little crazy, but always worth it 😀 

Thursday, October 19, 2017

penn liam - 2.5yrs

Penn at 2.5 is starting to get really fun!

He continues to be a small boy with a BIG personality 😍
He used to have long, hard days of crying, throwing fits, and being fairly irritable, but thankfully those days seem to be gone! He's definitely a normal 2 year old and has his moments, but he is just the happiest boy and we're all lovin' it!

At 2.5 Penn is a little parrot. He repeats everything we say...or that he hears. He's starting to come up with his own things, but mostly he just repeats. My personal favorite is when he says "lub you" 💗

P is a little artist! He loves his "colors" and would do art all day if we let him! Markers are his personal favorite, but he settles for crayons most of the time. I've definitely noticed less eating and more actual coloring these days!! haha He's recently discovered and loves the magna doodle - drawing/writing all the time!
As you can see in ↑ he has a hard time sitting at the table. We're working on it ;0) He loves to stand when he works and is a wiggly eater. As long as he's eating I don't mind! Penn's palate hasn't changed much in the last couple of months - he's still super picky and only eats a very small amount. His sweet tooth has definitely kicked into high gear though.
 He loves sprinkle donuts, lollipops, ice cream, gummy bears, and popsicles! Along with cheese sticks, pepperoni, hot dogs, chicken nuggets, yogurt, honey sticks, applesauce packs, and 5 or 6 other things depending entirely on his mood.
 Penn is our little adventure seeker. He goes full force with pretty much everything and doesn't like getting held back! I tried to hold him here and he pushed my hand away. He likes to GO!
 He loves to climb, slide, bump into things, and run at you full force so you have to be ready to catch him!! 
 P loves to play with other kids, trains, blocks, things that make noise, and bubbles.
But his absolute favorites continue to be his bear and blankie :) Oh he'd snuggle them all day! Bear is like his little baby - he carries him around on his hip and it's just adorable. Penn has always loved babies and stuffed animals. They're his one weakness. 😊
 Sometimes I'm afraid of who I'd be without Penn in my life. We all needed Penn! He's the life of the party and a little bright light in our sometimes dull and boring family 🎉 haha Just look at the smile!!
God is going to do big things with Penn! 

Favorite color: orange or yellow
Favorite toy: his bear
Favorite person: Keaton
Favorite animal: Phinley dog
Favorite show: Daniel Tiger & Mickey Mouse
Favorite food: ice cream

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

keaton mark - 3.5yrs

Is my sweet boy seriously 3.5 years old already?!?

Where does the time go??

Keaton and Penn seem to be changing so much these days I thought I'd do a half year update so I don't forget every.single.thing about this age.

I love Keaton at this age. I mean...I love him at every age, but he has been cracking up every day :) 

Daddy's hat ✔ PJ bottoms ✔ No underwear ✔ Daniel Tiger socks ✔
 Right now Keaton is a major talker at our house. He talks all the time and is always asking "but why?" Honestly, I love it. The whining I could do without, but the questions don't bother me one bit 😉
Now. When we're out and about, especially around other kids he gets very quiet and super shy. He doesn't hide behind my legs per se, but gets pretty close. He doesn't like large crowds or loud noises - he's an introvert through and through. His teacher says he's very quiet in class, which doesn't surprise me at all.

K likes to play all sorts of things. He enjoys the park and being outside, but prefers not to use the slide....just not his thing. He seems really into playing trains right now and gets excited about anything Mickey Mouse. Daniel Tiger is still his first love.
 He has been into coloring and drawing a lot! This is his first self portrait....I think it's pretty good! I took a picture because it was erased literally right away. haha
 His favorite things to draw are rainbows, grass, and the sun :) He colors with a bit more purpose and can use stickers like no one's business.

One of the biggest things I've noticed is his desire to do things "all by myself" and HE DOES! I hear the stool being drug around the house more times than I can count so he can get himself a little higher and reach something. He can get dressed all by himself - head to toe. He likes help and usually takes convincing {or threats} to get him out of his pajamas, but he can do it. We haven't attempted him to stand at the potty yet, but soon that will come and he'll be able to do that himself too {hahaha...I can dream, right?!}

 Keaton is a big helper boy! He likes a job and I like showing him how he can be part of our family team 😊
 His sweet tooth is as strong as ever. Now for breakfast he asks for candy corn or a special treat. HAHA Some of his favorite foods/foods that he'll eat are special treats 😜, donuts, ice cream, yogurt, orange cheese sticks, pepperoni, ham, red peppers, ritz crackers, cheez-its, applesauce packs, chicken nuggets, hot dogs {esp from Costco}, pretzels, apples. I think I threw up a little re-reading through that list. He definitely has gotten more picky, but sits at the table very nicely and asks to be excused when he's finished. 
 His heart continues to grow with his body. 

He has a very sweet disposition and likes to make us happy. He can definitely push the "Mommy might lose it" button, but it would be weird if he didn't. Almost every time you ask him how he feels he'll say "I feel...happy." And he almost always seems to be :)
He continues to make me want to be a better person. Love you Keaton!

Favorite color: blue
Favorite food: donuts
Favorite movie: Trolls
Favorite toy: trains
Favorite thing to say: "but why?"
Favorite animal: penguin
Favorite show{s}: Daniel Tiger, Mickey Mouse Club House, PJMasks
Favorite song: this is a toss up...he's always singing something different
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