Wednesday, June 7, 2017

topsail island - part III

And then we blinked and it was Friday. SO SAD.

Thankfully, this was the most beautiful day! Sunny! No wind! Warm!

We drank coffee on the deck and waited for the tide to go down.
 Patty cake on the beach with Grammy :) 
 Buckets ready for the canopy....
 Since it was the last day of vacation I really let Keaton live it up! He asked about his ring pop from the night before and I said "well it's only 9:30...BUT it's the last day of vacation SURE you can bring it down to the beach!!" haha
 He only dropped it in the ocean 1x and shared very nicely with Penn....
 For the most part. HAHA
 My Dad bought a kite at the dollar store and that ended up being a big hit!
 Keaton was so proud of flying it all by himself!
 Busy at work on a beautiful day!!
 We ended the day with pizza, brownie sundaes, and a bath in our "pool bath" aka jetted tub.
Already thinking about the fun we'll have next year....
 Trip home was long, but thankfully uneventful!! All I have to say is we got our $$ out of that potty seat ;0)

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Tuesday, June 6, 2017

topsail island - part II

One nice thing about going this week was that Ryan and I's anniversary landed smack in the middle :)

Nine years with this guy = AMAZING! 
I really can't believe that he chose me. Ryan has such a gentle spirit, which pairs perfectly with my often sensitive soul. He's smart, works hard for our family, and is such a supreme example for our boys. Couldn't be more grateful to do life with him!

We had a fun afternoon and evening together! We decided to go on a "do date" and went kayaking in the afternoon. It was fun, but my arms were so tired by the end!! We went out for 2 hours during nap time and that was plenty! haha

We got back, showered, and headed out to dinner at Daddy Mac's Beach Grille. There was a big storm coming in, but we still got to sit on the deck and enjoy the ocean storm winds breeze :) It rained the rest of the night {boooo}, but we made the best of it! 
The boys had a blast with Grammy and Pop Pop! My Mom was in charge of putting Penn down to bed and he slept until 8:30am the next morning - a far cry from the 6am wake up call he's been putting out recently!! I need to have her around more often for bedtime.

And just like that we're already onto Thursday...our week is more than half over! It was SO windy this day, beautiful and sunny, but windy. Poor Keaton tried to walk on the beach, but was afraid of the wind {me too} so we decided to head to a playground and the dollar store for entertainment :)

Ryan found a great park for the boys, Stump Sound Park, that was inland a bit and not nearly as windy :)

 The boys had it all to themselves and loved it! 

Also, Keaton wears his Daniel Tiger shirt basically every single day. I bought it in 2 different sizes and he just alternates between the 2...I really need to do laundry less frequently so some of his other shirts stand a chance at getting worn!
The dollar store was a major hit! Keaton got to pick 3 things because he's 3 years old ;0) One of the things he chose was a bag of ring little guy. It took him 3 days to eat it though...just a little lick here and there! He also chose a blue pool noodle and little blue ball. Penn chose a doll baby {haha..he found it and wouldn't put it down or stop kissing it} and bubbles.

My parents went out this night and so it was just the 4 of us hanging out. We went out on our bedroom deck where it wasn't nearly as windy and the sun was just beautiful!

 Always looking for a way out...
 Just love love love spending time with all 3 of my best guys!
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Monday, June 5, 2017

topsail island - part I

Last year we took our family beach trip to Topsail, NC at the end of August/beginning of Sept, but this year Ryan's work schedule worked best at the end of that's when we went! 

It feels weird already having a week at the beach under our belt! Ryan and I both agreed that going later in the summer was our favorite. The water was plenty warm this time, but overall the weather wasn't great. Maybe it was bad luck or just too early in the season...I'm not sure. 

We still had fun!! My parents came and so we had lots of family time :)

View from our bedroom deck - I miss it so much already!!
First morning up and headed down to the beach in our jammies!
This little stinker thought he owned the place...always trying to slip out and open door and make his way to freedom!

Ryan and I knew with the boys being a year older it would be more fun this year and we were right!! Penn still doesn't love the sand, but with water shoes on walked around just fine. 

Helping Daddy get water for the pool....
 Doing his usual thing, snacking.
 Love my guys all set up!

 More snacks with Pop-Pop :)
 This little cup holder on Keaton's chair wasn't quite big enough for his water cup, but the perfect size for snacks!
 Sometimes Penn would come through and eat whatever Keaton left behind....
 Me and my beach burrito!
 Penn took this opportunity to give K kisses when he couldn't fight back. haha
No beach trip is complete without a little puzzle time.

And ice cream time! 
I think the boys were the only ones who liked it. to put it nicely?? IT WAS AWFUL. We went to a place called Locals Ice Cream and it was just bad. So bad. We all agreed it was the worst ice cream we've ever had. Ryan and my Dad got the butterscotch dipped cone and described it as tasting like "wax." Ewww.

I got a chocolate and vanilla swirled cone and the chocolate was like completely was weird. And the vanilla didn't taste like ice cream, I'm not sure what it tasted like. It was almost like it was made wrong. Even the sprinkles tasted weird! 

So yeah, not the highlight of our trip. Who knew ice cream could leave such an impression?!? Never going back there again!!
  Obviously, we made up for it with other delicious homemade treats :)

Part II coming up...
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Wednesday, May 31, 2017

life later - inside edition

So when it's not nice enough to play outside, we either run errands or try to keep sane inside. 

Most days I wake up thinking how nice it would be to lounge around in our jammies and not do much, then 9:30am rolls around and we're all hungry for lunch and getting on each others nerves :) 

It always sounds soooo relaxing in my head. HAHA

So we keep busy :) 

First Target Starbucks cake pop for the win! This was also my sister's birthday - we had a special treat just for her that morning. Happy Belated Birthday Emily! We go to Target a lot!
The boys love to do art work. Color, paint, stickers, name it! We don't do it every day and I think that keeps it fresh and fun on the days we do get it all out!  
Some days we'll pick one medium or maybe 2...this day we got it all out!
 Keaton usually sits for 30+ mins working on his pieces and Penn around 15mins! Not bad at all if you ask me!
 We've had a lot of rainy days here and so I decided to try and dye some pasta for a sensory bin. I used THIS website for figuring out how to dye the dry pasta. It worked like a charm!

When I showed the boys the next day, they started playing with it just as I had imagined and I gave myself a big ol' high five and pat on the back for being an awesome Mom.
AND THEN they started to really use their imaginations and it became a big mixture of legos, pasta, animals, magnetic letters, and really any toy Keaton could get his hands on. 
 HAHAHA. I think it was 9:45am by this point and since we weren't going anywhere or really had anything else to do I figured what the heck.We had a nice little lesson on sorting and putting toys away a few hours later. It may or may not have involved some stubborn toddler tears. I gave myself a high five for surviving through that ;0) #winsomelosesome
Our other inside favorites this month have been playing in our new birthday tent!
Watching shows on Mommy and Daddy's bed. Can Penn look more relaxed here??
Playing "go to bed" where Keaton drags a pillow and blanket around and makes himself a little bed to cuddle in {no he's not sleeping here}. This is my favorite game!
 Or my other favorite...snuggle with whatever is on the floor.
And before I show you a few other pictures of the boys acting really sweet and innocent we have our fair share of times we "go go" {run around the house} OR I find the boys unloading their entire dresser full of clothes onto the floor OR use the learning tower to turn on the kitchen sink and play in the water OR tantrums {just tantrums} OR I find Penn climbing onto the kitchen table.

This. All. The. Time
Usually I'm too busy during those times to take any pictures though! But believe me, by the end of most days I'm wiped!

Okay back to the times when I feel like I have a few minutes to unload the dishwasher {or lets be real, check instagram ;0) )

Spied these 2 reading a few weeks back...
 Not unusual for Keaton, VERY unusual for Penn. He wants to be just like big brother these days :) I think the next time I looked in Penn was standing on the glider chair playing with the CD player.
And again! No fighting or getting hurt, just playing with new birthday toys!!

 We also love to dance, watch music videos, play "superhero,"eat, sing...really you name it and we've probably tried it :) 

We're definitely ready for more outside days though!! Hopefully the weather turns and the sun comes out!

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