Wednesday, July 26, 2017

ocean city 2017 - part II

*Lots of pictures :)*

Sunday morning we opted to skip church and I headed to the grocery store while Ryan took the boys to the beach. The fact alone that he could take them both by himself speaks volumes as to how much easier it was this year! I know vacation with kids isn't really a vacation, but last year we had 2 babies and this year Keaton carried his chair out on his own...
I think I might have helped a little mid-way, BUT STILL ;0)

He was so proud of himself and just like I assured him, it felt good to relax in it once he made it to our spot.
Look at my 3 best guys...I'm one lucky girl!!
Penn loved to hate the beach and sand. Sometimes we'd catch him chasing a bird in the sand without his shoes, playing in the pool we drug down {every day}, or running toward the water, but then he'd look around and need us to hold him *eye roll* He snacked...a lot
If you see more pictures of him having fun in the water and sand that's probably the ONLY time he was enjoying it ;0) Next year he has to like it more, riiiiight?!? haha

Our days looked pretty much the same: everyone up at 6am, run with the boys in the stroller on the boardwalk, breakfast, beach, lunch, naps, beach again OR out to ice cream, boardwalk, or play at the house :)  It was a routine we got used to very quickly.

Story time with Grandmom before out to ice cream!
 Penn doesn't eat a lot of sweets, but he's recently discovered ice cream and LOVES it! At one point he reached over and grabbed a handful of Keaton's and shoved it in his mouth before I could stop him.
 And I love watching them enjoy it so it was a win-win!
   Now there was a little disappointment when Keaton's cotton candy came out pink and not blue {the horror!}, but he got through.
 A few pics of our time on the beach throughout the week!

 See, Penn thinks he loves it here, but really Ryan is distracting him with a funny song ;o)
They did enjoy this pool - I'd definitely recommend to anyone that has little kids who don't splash and jump in the waves to bring down an inflatable or plastic pool and fill with water.
 Most of the kids used it at some point!

 Keaton still wasn't a huge fan of getting wet and sandy, but this day he must have felt like letting loose a little.
 Keaton wore this same bathing suit when he was 15 months old - Penn is 27 months old. 
 Me and my buddy...
See he was mostly on my lap ;0)
The beach was great, but like I said...I think they'll enjoy it even more next year!! 

Monday, July 24, 2017

ocean city 2017 - part I

We got back from NC with a week at home to unpack, do laundry, and repack for our annual week in Ocean City, NJ with Ryan's family!

I had a good idea what it would be like with Keaton and Penn this year, since we had already had a week at the beach in May with my parents, but I still wasn't really sure what to expect with a 2 & 3 year old. Kids are so unpredictable!

Last year was tough. Penn woke up ever night {a couple of times} crying/screaming and was still just a difficult baby. Ryan and I both felt stretched, tired, and a little on edge at the start of that trip. I'm sure we were super fun to be around! hahaha Needless to say this year was completely different!! We all had a great time!! Kids will be kids, but it was a world easier!

OC is only a few hours away, but we still left nice and early to beat the incoming traffic. Our boys are basically professionals at riding in the car....
Penguin  ✔
Daniel Tiger ✔
Potty seat on the floor ✔
Keaton sleeping ✔✔
 We got there before we could check into the house, so we walked on the boardwalk and met Ryan's parents for lunch :) We opted for 2 smaller umbrella strollers this year to make maneuvering around the crowds more manageable.

 Penn did well at lunch, but can only sit for so we went out to the boardwalk to walk around a little. 
 After lunch we explored the boardwalk more. I think I was using the bathroom or something when I went to look for the boys and Ryan had them playing 10¢skeetball. HA  It was really fun and cute except Penn kept trying to climb onto the game and Keaton overhanded the ball a couple of times.
 The boys even managed to make the kid's version dangerous throwing the balls all around. In another year they'll be good! :)
 It really wasn't long and we were able to get into the house and unpacked. 

The cousins caught up...
Penn relaxed with Pop Pop
 And then everyone got cleaned up and jammies before bed.
 I was a little nervous about us all sharing a room, but the boys did great! They went down so well every night {pretty much!} and slept without any major interruptions!

Once they were both asleep, Ryan and I snuck out for a walk on the beach :) 
It was a great start to the week :)

Sunday, July 16, 2017

nc trip - part II

My Dad had to work most of the time we were visiting, but on our last full day he was able to take off! We had this day packed with alllll the fun things to do in the area :) 

My Mom and I could have gone throughout the week, but really it's more fun with the whole family and the weather had just been so crumby - this day was finally nice!!

We started at Pullen Park {my personal favorite!}. I know I've mentioned it before - there's a train ride, carousel, kiddie boat ride, and big playground! If I lived nearby I'd go all the time!

Penn was most excited about the swing :)
Keaton rode the train with my parents while I pushed Penn on the swing and then he decided to ride the boats! This was a big deal for him because he's usually afraid of loud sounds and there were bells on the boats some of the kids were ringing like crazy! He loved it though! Even let this little boy sit next to him :)
And then he got his hands on his own bell and went to town! I think he rode it 3x :) SO fun!!
 After the park, we stopped at Wendy's for Keaton's favorite "pench pies and nuggets" and then rounded off the morning/afternoon at Krispy Kreme!

K ate his ENTIRE donut. It was impressive. hahaha

 Then we went home for the boys to take a nap, play outside and just when they thought it couldn't get any better we loaded back into the van for ICE CREAM!! AHHH! Minds were blowing everywhere!!

Keaton's love for ice cream is about as deep as his love for donuts. He got blue {cotton candy} with sprinkles :)
Penn got plain ol' vanilla, but only really wanted my Dad's rum raisin. Go figure ;0)
Somehow he ended up with the best part...
But still shared.
And that was about all the sweets we could take for one day!!

Except a little sweet lovin' from Grammy :)
Penn laid like that for probably 30's amazing they both sat still for any length of time considering all the sugar pumped into their system.

We headed back up to VA early the next day to pick up Ryan. K got another beloved ring pop, which I'm pretty sure is still somewhere in the van 0:-)
 We were sad to leave, but happy to see Daddy again!!

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Wednesday, July 5, 2017

nc trip

A few weeks ago Ryan had work training in VA, so the boys and I dropped him off at his hotel and drove 3 hours south to stay with my parents for the week!!

It was a little last minute, but I'm SO glad we did it! I love staying at home with my boys, but a week with Ryan traveling just feels like a long time. 

Here's a great big high five to women whose husbands travel all.the.time.

The boys are expert travelers at this least in the car. They watched a movie, ate popcorn, and Keaton licked this ring pop once every 5 miles or so. I've never seen a kid eat a ring pop so slowly! HAHA
 My parents have this big fish tank with 1 fish - it ate all the others! Yikes! Penn was old enough to love on him this year and boy did he ever.
Penn was at the tank all the time saying "HI fish HI fish!" It was basically the cutest thing ever.
So the bully fish didn't lack attention or food the entire week. Keaton was in charge of feeding and Penn was in charge of smooshing his face against the glass :) I'm sure it's traumatized for life.

The weather was so lousy the entire week. It would rain and make everything soaking wet and then get hot and sunny...but mostly it was just rainy. My parents got out their pool, but really that little fountain was the most popular. Keaton was a big whiner the entire week and every time he got in the pool he'd cry and WHINE about being wet. It was really fun. 

I had planned to take them to a splash park or even just outside more, but with the rain we really couldn't. One morning, my mom and I took them to toddler time at a local trampoline park and it was a bit hit! I'm SO glad we got out and did this! Just little kids and a big space all to themselves!
Keaton collected all the blue things. He loves blue :) 
Halfway through the hour Penn needed a snack. 
And then at the end they gave out snacks, juice, and read a story! Penn couldn't hang for this...he's such a wild man.
 These 2 kept me on my toes for sure! I swear they were working together all week to make this Momma want to pull her hair out! haha
It was nice to have a few extra set of hands around to help!! Especially on all the rainy days!
 Keaton's artistic skills are really blossoming! I mean, check out those blue dots!
 Grammy teaching Keaton how to play match.
 Wrestling with Pop pop! Well K wrestled Pop pop and Penn wrestled his blanket ;0)

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