Monday, September 18, 2017

first day of preschool

Oh my word it feels like I was just sitting down to write THIS.

This year both boys get to go to preschool 2 days a week and I'm just a little excited about it :) :) I love being home with them more than anything, but having 2 hours - 2 days a week to get grocery shopping and other errands done is kind of amazing.

The boys had their meet the teacher night last week. It was a little bit of a blur, but we got through!

When it was time to go and check out Keaton's class, Penn was done for the morning. Hungry, thirsty, get the picture. So Keaton found his name and we headed out before any major meltdowns. I always feel like Keaton gets the short straw, but right now he doesn't seem to notice or mind.
When we got home everyone was wiped out and I don't think anyone was wearing pants {except me}. haha
Ryan was able to take off their first morning of school, which was so nice! It's always nice to have an an extra set of hands with these 2.

His backpack is basically the same size as him...I hope he grows into it!
Penn loves to color and sat right down like he's been doing this forever. I wish I could say he did the same thing on Day 2, but no. He'll get there ;0)

I don't know how people get good pictures of their kids on the first day of school. Seriously I get my phone out and Keaton is like "NO PICTURES! I SAID NO PICTURES" and is a huge grump about it!! 
OH well...
K did so great!
He sat right down and got to work!

Did the same thing on day 2 too! So far, so good!

Friday, September 15, 2017

family pictures

A few months ago we had our family pictures taken and I realized I never shared some of my favorites!! :)

After Penn's adoption was finalized, we threw a little party for him and several families got together and gave us a gift certificate to get our pictures taken...I LOVED this idea!! If you're looking for a group gift to give a family that either just had a baby or adopted I'd definitely recommend this!!

I can't even handle Keaton's smile here! He was such a trooper all morning! Penn was a bit out of sorts and had his hands in his mouth a lot, but Tiffany was very patient and got some great shots!!
 I just love how she captured the boys distinct personalities here....Keaton walking across the bridge just like we asked him and Penn running like a wild child ;0)

 Getting family pictures is seriously no joke. Anyone who has had them done knows this. It's one of the top 10 most stressful things in my year...
 But we still managed to have some fun :)

 Red hair, don't care ;0)

So grateful for these pictures!! I know family pictures take time, energy, patience, and $$ but in the end {to me} they are SOOOO worth it!!

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

visit to my sister's house and baby shower

Two weekends ago the boys and I took a little road trip to visit my sister!

We were only there 1 day and night, but had a blast! The boys are old enough now to play with their cousins, instead of just that's nice :)

We love a picnic lunch outside!! 
It was a gorgeous day!!
 We played hard in their basement {stocked with tons of toys!}, out front, and out back. I only added 2 to the mix, but it seemed like lots of kids everywhere we went! haha
Keaton got these awesome jammie jams his cousin, Hadley, outgrew. Yes, they're pink. No, I don't care :) He loves them and so they're a win for me! Haha
 Movie night :)
The next morning we headed out pretty much right away to drive south for my sister-in-law's baby shower!! The boys did a little jumping before getting in the van again. 

And I know. They have a trampoline in their basement. So awesome! Even Penguin wanted to jump with K ;0) 
 The shower was beautifully done! I'm so thankful I was able to make the trip and be there to support Shannon and little baby boy due in October!
Ryan had to work and so I was there solo with the boys, which wasn't ideal, but we made it work. I was a little bummed I missed visiting with everyone and watching Shannon open all her gifts, but that's life with little kids! They kept me very busy the entire time!! haha
 I think I took 4 pictures the entire time. A minute I got to sit down while they watched Trolls...
 And then Keaton literally acted like Godzilla and jammed this entire cupcake into his mouth and mushed it all over his face. Cupcake EVERYWHERE! hahaha Whyyyy? It's a good thing I wasn't trying to make a good impression because I would have failed.
We got home Saturday night and I collapsed on the floor :) Another busy weekend in the books!

Monday, September 11, 2017

hershey park happy

A few weeks ago we took the boys for a fun day at Hershey Park

It was the day all of the schools in are area started back and so we thought there might not be as many people. It wasn't packed and the weather was gorgeous BUT some of the kiddie rides were closed and there wasn't a lot for the boys to ride. Keaton could ride most, but Penn is just to short still.
 We definitely made the most of it though and had a fun day!

 Choo choo! The train is a family favorite!!

 Our little dare devil on the mixer all by himself!
 Definitely felt a little green after the tilt-a-whirl :)
 This little stinker {also the dare devil} has a very hard time waiting in line and then near the end of our day would not sit...he was the kid that kept standing up right before they started. Oh my. I mean cute as anything, but a stinker. Also - he's 2 ;0)
 K could wait in line all's so weird. He's so patient {usually!}. When I asked him what ride he was most excited about he said "the monorail" haha You can't make this stuff up. Bless his heart we did ride the monorail!
And then we stuffed our faces with cotton candy and ice cream before heading home!!
Like almost everything we go out and try to was fun, but exhausting! Love spending big days with my guys :)!!

Saturday, August 26, 2017

ny 5k and lollypop farm

Saturday morning we headed out to run a 5k and get NY checked off our 5K in 50 states list! This was state #10...only 40 more to go! HA 

Jason, Marissa, and their THREE {yay Brooklyn!!} kids came to cheer us on and run the family fun run, but that didn't happen because the race was so small. Bummer. It was definitely the smallest race we've run. It was awesome to have family there though and a beautiful morning to be outside! 

Waiting for us to finish....
Ryan got to run stroller free this time which meant I got to push the beast.

Here he comes a few minutes before me {22:36} :)

Seriously, though. The double is no joke. It's not terrible unless there is any kind of wind and then the resistance is awful!! It's like pushing a parachute. Usually a little breeze during a run is great, but this was torture! haha 

We made it through though and Keaton only asked for something to eat once :) 
 I strolled in at 25:37 and got first in my age group! I think the overall 1st & 2nd female were also in my age group, so they didn't count. haha I took my little medal with pride though - another race in the books :) 
After showers at the hotel, we headed back to Jason and Marissa's for lunch and then to Lollypop Farm.  

This little farm was part of the humane society and had lots of farm animals to pet and visit - the kids loved it!


  Penn and these pigs... he couldn't get enough.

And then ANOTHER awesome park was right around the corner! They seriously have the best parks! Very family friendly in Rochester. 
 Pizza dinner and popsicles before the hotel pool :)

Yes, Penn is wearing a bib. He's the messiest eater. Ever.
Well the hotel pool was a bit of a bust. There was 1 other family there and while they were nice, they were loud. Keaton just couldn't handle it. He doesn't do well with loud noises. We let the cousins swim and he and I hung out in the hallway :) 

The next morning, Ryan took Keaton back to an empty pool and he had a blast!! Penn wasn't too interested and so he and I hung out in the room. 
 I just want to dive right into that picture and snuggle him!!
Ryan's brother is a worship leader and so we headed to their church after the pool for Sunday service and then home.

We were all exhausted, but filled after time with family!!
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