Tuesday, September 17, 2013

why we're not adopting right now

Let's start with some exciting news....

I'm pregnant! {Yes! You read that right!!}

At the beginning of May I wrote this, 
"We've decided to go with a domestic infant adoption, but I wouldn't be surprised one bit if those plans completely changed :) His plans are better than ours...right??"

I will be completely honest -- I wrote that and never thought for one single second that I would become pregnant. Never. Ever. Ever. 

When we decided to adopt, we were serious. It wasn't a back up plan. It wasn't something that we would continue with if we still didn't get pregnant. 

We were falling in love with our forever baby.

So now you might be wondering....so...if you were so serious about adoption how did you get pregnant?!? Huh?!? Huh?!?


I only have one answer: by the grace of God.

I can honestly say were weren't really surprised -- we were S.H.O.C.K.E.D. I'll go into all those "finding out" details in another post :)

Right now I want to clear some things up about our adoption journey - it's been put on hold. Our profile has been pulled from the books and we're no longer a waiting family. If something were to happen {and it very well can} we'll contact our social worker and she will have our profile accessible to birth mothers again.

If you've asked us about our adoption journey in the last few weeks thank you! If we fibbed a little to keep our secret forgive us.

Ryan & I both thought we had this whole thing under control and the perfect adoption plan in the making. Looks like God was the one really in control this whole time.

Stay tuned for finding out details and my first weekly update {can't believe I'm doing one of these!!!}

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Mrs. Moyer said...

YIPPEE!!! I can't even put into words how happy and excited I am for you two! AND you are such a good secret keeper! I CAN NOT wait for lunch tomorrow! Be prepared to talk...A LOT!!

Connie Reitz said...

Congratulations!! Wishing you all the best.

Anonymous said...

Praise the Lord! So very happy for you!

Beth Bennett

Kelsey Winter said...

I'm beyond excited for you guys and can't wait for all the details about how you found out!

Sarsh Smith said...

YOU COULD KNOCK ME OVER WITH A FEATHER -- AND THAT IS SAYING SOMETHING!!! Congratulations! My prayers go out for you to have a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby! God is GOOD!

Andrea said...

WHOA...WOW! I am so happy for you and excited. I might have shrieked a little when I read this! I felt like something was up when we were emailing back and forth about the dress for Lena but I never, ever would have guessed that you were pregnant. Congratulations and I can't wait to hear more. Wishing you a wonderful pregnancy!

Laura Souders said...

Leslie told me I needed to read your blog...you got me online to read a blog:) I am thrilled for you guys! I can't wait to hear all the details!! Congrats!!

PHILTER | photography said...

Goosebumps!! So happy for you, Erin. You are so deserving of every minute of happiness this is bringing to you and your family. xoxo

Mr. First Grade said...

SO happy for you!! Good things come to those who wait, and you SO deserve this!!


Janis Creason said...

PRAISE THE LORD!!!!! God's plans are perfect in every way!!!!

Jocelyn said...

CONGRATS!!!! I'm so happy for you!

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