Tuesday, February 18, 2014

{31 weeks}

Anyone else see the belly button popping out??
Fuzzhead wanted to be in picture this week :) 

How Far Along: 31 weeks

Size of Baby: Coconut or Pineapple {about 3.3lbs & over 16in. long} - he's so tropical this week! I could use a trip to the tropics ;0) 

Exercise: 5x - I made it to 30 weeks and still running! I don't go more than 3.1 miles and need to take a break after each mile to relieve the cramps in my feet, but it's something!

Maternity Clothes: Yep, but mostly regular sweats and t-shirts during the day 

Gender: boy

Movement: Lots of kicks and punches! I'll try to post a video soon! Good signs for a healthy and active little guy.

Sleep: Waking up w-i-d-e awake between 1-3. Usually, I just need to scroll through Pinterest on my phone and I'm out! 

What I miss: Not being congested at night

Cravings: Pizza. Isn't it obvious at this point?

Best Moment: Valentine's Day with my best friend! A trip to Costco and Chinese food made this lady happy as a clam!

Little Man is entering a growth spurt! I feel like my belly will quickly start expanding! He can turn his head from side to side and is getting a plump little body. All 5 of his senses are working and his brain continues to develop. 

I feel great! I get super congested during the second part of the day, but it's definitely manageable....just breathing a lot harder :) I'm definitely experiencing pregnancy brain and forget things quickly - everything goes into my phone or on my "list" so I don't forget. I still cry at the littlest things {the stories on the Olympics get me every time!}. 

I've been trying to finish up some nursery projects before I get to big and uncomfortable. Can't wait to show you all what his nursery looks like :)!! I'm also in full blown nesting mode. If  we haven't used it in the last year it's in the yard sale pile - plain and simple. I also just bought some refills for my label maker {bahahaha}. 

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