Sunday, March 24, 2013

another go at IVF

It's been another month. 

We attempted our 3rd cycle of IVF and had our 2nd egg retrieval....yesterday morning!

We started planning for this, the moment I got my period after the IUI. I'm in no rush, but I'm also in no big wait. I truly don't see the point in sitting around for a month or 2 just to do it. I realize that some women need time between cycles, I just don't feel like I need that. 

This cycle hasn't been bad. My medication was doubled and I finally produced some follicles! The worst part was injecting so.much. medicine. The dosage was so high that I often had to administer it in 2 shots -- 1 vial didn't hold enough. One night I had 5...ugh...that's a lot of needles. 

It will all be worth it though! 

Yesterday morning I wasn't nervous at all! Our new center {RMA} puts their patients to sleep for the retrieval procedure. At Hershey I was awake, heavily drugged, but still awake. Everyone who I told this to at RMA was so surprised. haha I felt kinda like a hero :-) 

I also felt a little like a super woman when the nurse went to put my IV in and my vein bent the needle {it was an IV needle...don't think metal here} but still!! It didn't start to drip and she pulled it out, then smiled and said "wow, I felt some resistance, but I didn't realize you bent the needle!" I kept laughing and laughing. 

I was in the OR and out in like 15 minutes. They do so many retrievals that it's like clock work. It's almost a little creepy how precise, yet quick they are. 

The best part of the morning was when I was waiting my turn to go in and played charades with Ryan using my blue hair cap. Those things make the perfect jelly fish.

And because I've completely lost my mind. This was me right make-up was the scariest part. haha! Be warned!

So we ended up with 8 follicles, 6 mature eggs, and 5 fertilized eggs {using ICSI -- click to find out more...seems like a little TMI for here ;0) } 

We're calling this step a success! 

Now we just need them to grow and see what happens by Thursday. Transfer is scheduled for this Friday, but it could possibly be switched to a frozen embryo transfer {FET}. Please keep praying! 

Please pray that the embryos grow and 2 are strong for Friday.
Please pray that I can accept whatever the next step is for us and continue to trust in God's plan.
Please pray for the woman in the room beside me who only got 4 eggs and the other women who are in the same phase as we are. At each appointment, I've singled out a woman or couple in the waiting room and prayed non-stop for them. 

When it works for one of us it makes me happy and when it doesn't work it's a disappointment for us all.

We're all in this together.

Will continue to update here and there. Again -- thanks for praying! 


Kelsey Winter said...

What encouraging news! I'm glad to hear this round has gone better, and I will definitely be keeping you in my prayers this week as you prepare for the transfer. God bless!

Andrea said...


Darren and Kasie said...

Great news!!!

PHILTER | photography said...

What an amazing strength you possess - just that you can still find the jellyfish in a surgical bonnet shows your comfort in Gods plan, you love with Ryan and your desire to press on. You're such an inspiration, Erin. xoxo

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