Tuesday, March 26, 2013

cleaning out

My word our office closet is endless.

I'm pretty sure papers grow on the walls in there and NO it's not wall paper.

I cannot believe how many papers we've thrown away in the last year and a half. 

It's endless!! 

Ryan got rid of 11 huge binders the other night. 11! 

They were just sitting on the shelf in our office closet driving me nuts! I don't mind having information/papers/etc around if we need them, but we don't need half this stuff anymore! 

I know Phin! I can't believe he's doing it either!!  

I feel like we're making big progress and I now know what we actually have in our office. All extra, old, broken electronics are on their way out and if we need something we'll just have to make due!! No more double back-ups in case something breaks! 

Feels gooood!

1 comment:

Mr. First Grade said...

Oh goodness! Cori and I desperately need to do this, too! The picture of Phin looking back at you is priceless!!


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