Saturday, March 1, 2014

it's a circus

Ryan and I just got back from visiting my parents and sister in NC! 

We stayed for about a week {never long enough} and kept busy the entire time! 

It was SO warm down there last really felt like a vacation :) We went for a few long walks and I must have said 100x "WOW! It's so nice outside!" It was snowing and like 2 degrees when we got home....womp womp. Amazing what a difference going a few states south makes!

We got started on the fun right away! The day after we arrived we headed to the circus with my parents and sister's family :) Ryan and I had never been to the circus, so it was an adventure for everyone.

My personal favorites were the trampoline jumpers {the trampolines were under that big painted sheet}... 
 And the acrobats who used these thin pieces of clothe to twirl from the ceiling. I've secretly always wanted to be able to do that with my body - their strength and flexibility is crazy!
Most of the time it was a lot for the eyes ;0) 
But perfect for kids and fun!

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