Sunday, March 2, 2014

{32 weeks + 5 days}

Better late than never :)  Pictures were taken at just 32 weeks!
 Happened to be wearing the same sweater without my house or big camera so I did a side by side!

How Far Along: 32 weeks

Size of Baby: Jicama {3 3/4lb & about 16.7" long}

Exercise: Not sure....since we were traveling my "routine" was all thrown off. We went for a lot of walks if that counts!

Maternity Clothes: Yes - all pants & shirts just depend

Gender: boy

Movement: He spins and jump kicks all day long. It's pretty fantastic!

Sleep: Very good this week {except one night :-) }!

What I miss: We're getting so close anything I miss at this point will be back in my life {or out of my life} in a blink!

Cravings: Wendy's frosty has sounded pretty good

Best Moment: So many, too many to count! Seeing my parents! Seeing my sister's family! Spending a week with Ryan!

Baby boy is plumping up and getting smooth skin -- along with toenails, fingernails, and hair/peach fuzz :) He's getting more and more ready to meet us.

I have been feeling really good, although a little more achy from the belly button down. The ride down and back from NC went very smooth, but it's taking me some time to get over all the sitting now that we're back. I tried to run today and started to get pain in my leg and back, so that might be off the table for a bit {or until after baby...we'll see!}.

I'm also getting a little more anxious about getting his nursery ready. I have a few personalized things to order and for Ryan to paint, then the decorations will be done! I'm planning to wash a few outfits, some sheets, and changing pad cover tomorrow. I know those things aren't a big deal, but it will feel nice to have them ready :) His poor closet also needs some organization! 

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