Tuesday, March 4, 2014

{33 weeks}


How Far Along: 32 weeks - 7 more weeks to goooo!! Or less! Or more!

Size of Baby: Pineapple {little over 4lbs & just over 17" }

Exercise: 2x - traveling and a sore back really put a damper on things this week!

Maternity Clothes: I'm wearing my normal sweats in the pictures above, but have been trying to wear a lot of the maternity pieces I bought to get a good wear out of them before the baby comes.

Gender: He's still a BOY

Movement: Yep! Hiccups a few times and lots of aggressive punching and rolling. I'm pretty sure strangers in line at the grocery store could see my stomach move if they were looking {that would be weird though. ha!}

Sleep: Great!

What I miss: So just this week my left back/side has been super sore. My Dr. thinks maybe Baby H has an elbow, hip, some body part on my sciatic nerve. I do the full blown limp/waddle when I walk now. Ryan just laughs at me and because of that, it's going to be really hard to make dinner from here on out ;0) Just kidding! Ryan is the best - he just laughs because I waddle like "all other pregnant women."

Cravings: I'd love a good, over-the-top donut! Like these {one bite of each would be perfect}...

Best Moment: I looked in my back car window and saw that Ryan installed the baby's car seat base and mirror - I cried. Haha!

Baby boy is getting a hard skeleton {except his head - needs to be a little pliable for deliver ;0)} He continues to get smarter each day as his brain develops and is keeping his eyes open when he's awake. That's just so amazing.

I've been feeling awesome, except the recent back pain. It's very specific in my left butt/lower back, so I'm grateful it's not my entire lower back. So far I've been very very blessed to have little discomfort and pain - if this is what happens for the next few weeks that's fine. I'll be forced to take it easy....can you imagine?? Ha! 

Ryan as really stepped up his game and is all over my "honey do list." I've only really given him maybe 2 lists and they've both been short and done in a couple of hours. I've been trying to do as much myself as I can, but some things I just can't do!

The nursery is almost done! Just ordered baby's monogram a few minutes ago to paint and hang on the wall! Can't wait to reveal! I know the nursery is more for me than him, but I don't care 0:-)

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