Friday, March 7, 2014

phinley's rebellion.

Two things to start:
1) There are no pictures here - you wouldn't want to see any. Trust me.
2) I love our little dog..

As we've been getting ready for Little Man Harris to make our family officially 3, little dog has been in the back of my mind. He IS my first fur baby after all :) 

Sure, he's extra work when we travel, have company over, or host house guests BUT he's been my loyal buddy all the long days and nights Ryan studied for his big SRO tests and when Ryan is at work. We've spent many a night together watching trash TV on the sofa. We walk for miles together. We cry at sappy YouTube videos. The point is....we have a 4 year history together and he's been there for me. 

I know our lives will change once the baby is born and getting Phinley adjusted to the new member is certainly something I think about. He's already slowly getting bumped down to spot #2. will he handle it all? 

I have no.idea.

I have zero expectations and only hope he doesn't figure out how to dismantle the diaper genie and devour all that is nasty and wrong which goes in there.

We're getting really close now and I can't help but laugh when I think about how just most recently Phinley has shown us he's ready for Little Man to be born and be my new #1. 

Example #1:
I started getting some items packed into a backpack {aka labor bag} to take to the hospital when we first go in. I'm packing another hospital bag, but this one is small and can easily be carried in and out when we first start panicking getting excited and think it's time, when's not. 

So Phinley found that backpack and took out every single thing. And spread it around our room. And chewed on the pack of gum.

From this little instance I hear him saying "Get rid of that bag. Stay home."

Example #2:
A few days ago, I finally took some time to take Phin for a walk. My back has been sore and the weather has been cold, so we've been staying in a lot. 

He thanked me by barking like a maniac at a dead mouse on our back patio, then eating it. 

Yes, you read that right.

I tried to run after him and get it from his mouth, but the sidewalk was covered in ice and I move s-l-o-w-l-y these days. I wasn't going to risk anything and he knew it. He let me get close enough to see the tail hang out of his mouth and then swallowed the entire thing whole.

Gag. Cough.

By this point I had called Ryan outside to check out what little dog had done and then we stared at him in disappointment.

I must have told Ryan 10x he was going to throw it up in the house somewhere and GUESS WHAT???

As soon as Ryan left for youth group, I went upstairs and found a pile of vomit {which was seriously 1/2 an entirely whole mouse - the head part...with eyes that looked into my soul} in the NURSERY!!! 

Gag. Cough.

I honestly didn't know whether to laugh or start crying, so I laughed! Did you get that?! I laughed and then got my big belly down on the floor to clean up our dog's mouse vomit. 

If that doesn't scream "I own this place!" I'm not sure what does. 

Honestly though, for how nasty it was I couldn't stop laughing. I mean, really little dog? Was all that necessary?

We get the message.

This could all be very interesting come April ;0) 

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Karen said...

Oh my goodness! The mouse story! I am so impressed with you. I would've cried, pulled the pregnant card and made my husband clean it up! gross!

Andrea said...

This story made me laugh so hard!!! He told you, huh??

Dead animals are the grossest thing. We once found a dead rabbit under our sofa (Katy brought it in alive through the dog door, it got away and then died underneath sometime the next day). When both dogs were circling the sofa we knew something was up. ICK!

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