Sunday, March 9, 2014

showered with love {again!}

I can't believe how blessed we are! 

On Saturday, my sisters, Mom, and friend Jess threw Little Man and I a beautiful baby shower at one of my favorite restaurants.

{If you live in Hershey, PA and haven't been to The Hershey, don't walk & try it! The food & desserts are to.die.for.}

Both my sisters and Mom live far away - so it was really a whole weekend event. They came Friday night and stayed till Sunday! Ryan was working all weekend, so I just considered it a girl's weekend ;0) It was so kind of them to leave their family for the weekend and travel to spend it with me! I know it's not easy being away from your kiddos, or at least I'm sure it's not! 

We did lots of shopping {HELLO Gap 40% sale} and just hung out :)

Okay, onto the good stuff - celebrating Little Man!

These menu cards were simple and cute - a great way to let everyone know all the goodies being served for lunch. Did I mention The Hershey Pantry makes delicious food?? ;0) 
 My Mom and sister {Emily} made this diaper cake - I heart the alligator!
If you know me, I'm the weird one at showers who likes to play all the games  - I just do! Jess planned them and they were perfect :) 

Game planner extraordinaire....
My favorite game was a list of 10 facts that had guests guess if it matched Ryan or I as babies/kids. I learned something! Who knew Ryan "cried easily when told 'no'?" I was certain that was me! I'm not sure what this means, but we could have a very cute, sensitive, sweet little crying boy on our hands ;0) 
Needless to say, I had fun!
And let's talk for a minute about my hair {ummm...the massive back pony tail is fine for the gym. I decided I need a live in hair dresser. OR JESS! Your hair always looks so cute - come do mine each day. Please? Thanks! ;0)}
After a BIG delicious lunch the BIG bump and I were ready to open gifts!
Can you say spoiled? Yes, that's how we feel!! I would list every single thing we got and from who...but that would be a little much! haha! We're just so grateful for everyone's thoughtfulness and generosity!

We received a lot of baby essentials....
I'm telling everyone about Ryan installing the car seat this activity toy is going on...bahaha!
Baby Harris also received many precious homemade gifts. These always hold a special place in my heart. 
My Mom crocheted this beautiful white baby blanket - it made me cry.
A good friend from my church, Erin, HAND quilted this chevron quilt. It's pretty amazing and matches our nursery colors pretty much perfectly!!
And Little Man's Aunt Kasie, made this rag quilt. I honestly can say I could not have picked out more perfect fabrics!! I knew it would be beautiful, but this really went far beyond my expectations! If Baby H isn't careful I might use this. Just kidding! But seriously.
I think it's a bit of an understatement to say my family and friends are talented...and know me well! 
Speaking of family....
Sisters :)
Mom & sisters 
 Jess & I {she's pretty much like family}
We'll be welcoming you soon little man!!
You fill us with so much joy already - I cannot wait until you are here!!

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Andrea said...

Looks like a lovely shower!

I have never been to the Hershey Pantry but it is only my list (because I know you have mentioned it a few times)! I'm not sure why we have never tried it because we are really only about 35 minutes away.

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