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adopting penn liam - part V {waiting to go home}

Welcome from Kelly's Korner :) Thanks for stopping in! You'll see the links below for the first 4 parts of our adoption journey {this is the last of them} and then more posts throughout my little blog about welcoming Penn officially into our family!! :)

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Once Penn was in our care, our agency {Adoptions from the Heart} started the paperwork for the interstate compact. This needs completed before any adopted child can leave the state they are born and since we would be returning to PA this needed to be done. 

It can take between 7-10 days {longer if it's over a weekend} we planned to settle in and make the most of our "vacation." AFTH notified us immediately when they got word of our approval to return to PA - it took 9 days. It was a long time to be away from home and living in a hotel with a 1 year old and newborn, but we made the most of it!

Welcome to our home away from home :)

I'm at the table here with the kitchen behind me and bedrooms to the right and left. Notice the changing station on the coffee table ;0) 
We were so so grateful to have a 2 bedroom hotel suite at both of the hotels we stayed. My parents stayed with us for a few days and this gave them their own room and when they headed home, Keaton had his own space.

Speaking of my Mom came to stay with Keaton on the days we were in the hospital and my Dad came that weekend.

Grammy & Penn on our first night at the hotel :)
It was really great to have them! Keaton loves company, so this made his trip!
The weather was absolutely beautiful during the 2nd part of our stay, so we took an afternoon trip to Town Point Park in Norfolk and tested out the double stroller. Keaton loved the rumble seat...he propped his feet us and didn't complain one bit :) 
We also went swimming at the hotel pool, out for ice cream, and walked around the hotel parking lot...there's only so much you can do with a less than 1 week old!

After my parents left, we were on our own as a family of 4! 

Our hotel wasn't too far from Virginia Beach, so we took an afternoon to stroll the boardwalk and get lunch.
Then we stopped at a big playground on our way back to the hotel - I snapped this picture when I was nursing Penn on a picnic table. We forgot a hat for Keaton and sunblock, so we had to keep this stop pretty quick!
As much as we wanted to get home, we really tried to embrace our time together! We had plenty of space, a hotel pool, Walmart & Target 5 mins away {+countless restaurants}, a new baby, and this ham to keep us entertained. We really could't complain!!

A little tub time snack :)
We were practicing being gentle with bunny here for when K would love on Penn. As you can see, he did a great job....SQUEEZE! ha
After almost a week in the first hotel, we decided to switch hotels closer to the VA state line. We just wanted to get as close to home as we possibly could!! It was probably the best thing we did! It split our 6 hour drive home into a 4 hour trip to the border and then 2.5 hour trip the morning we could return home! 

And home #2...
 I think K liked it here ;0)
There was no pool here, but there was a Little Caesar, Sonic, and nail place within walking distance.

Yes, we got a $5 hot and ready pizza.
Yes, we got a 1/2 off milkshake to celebrate our last night in VA.
Yes, I got a mani-pedi one morning while Ryan kept both boys in the hotel room.

Like I said...we made the most of our stay. Even if that included indulging in foodie treats and hitting the closest nail salons. 

Definitely a trip we won't forget ;0) 

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Emily said...

Um, I want to go on a newborn make it sound wonderful!! haha! I really admire your positive attitude!

Andrea said...

I can't imagine packing for a 9-day trip with only three hours notice, especially when two of the people you are packing for are a one year old and newborn! You guys are rock stars! I love hearing the recap!

Valerie Gyurko said...

Thanks for sharing and posting this. We're still considering adoption. We've had to delay it a little bit with Wally being in school full time. It's really good to hear someone else's experience.

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