Wednesday, June 3, 2015

adopting penn liam - part III {meeting penn}

Adopting Penn Liam Part I {getting the call}
Adopting Penn Liam Part II {birth mother in labor}

Ryan & I got to the hospital right at 10:30! The social worker met us in the lobby and told us that she had just met the baby and he was healthy {relief!}! She also told us that our birth mother was doing well and had named the baby Liam. 

We had met the birth mother just a week prior and I was a nervous I could hardly string 2 words together. The meeting was extremely nerve wracking. I'm not sure there's any real good way around that - emotions were high on both sides, but somehow we got through!!

Having met our birth mother the week before made this time a lot easier - I was still super nervous, but it was manageable this time :)

So the social worker, Ryan, and, I walked down the hallway and into the hospital room where our birth mother was holding the sweet little guy. The mix of emotions I felt are really hard to put into words. I was excited, but just so careful with letting myself get carried away. I didn't want to fall head over heels until she had signed the paperwork and he would definitely be in our care. It was hard, but I'm sure harder for her.

We all talked about his early arrival and delivery while he snuggled close to her.

He was so fresh and new....and small - weighing only 6lbs 7oz ;) Keaton was 8lb 3oz when he was born, so this little guy just seemed so small. He had cooper colored hair and long toes - he was perfect.

After a bit, our birth mother asked if I wanted to hold him. It was a surreal experience and one I never want to forget.

Here I was holding our son in front of the woman who just gave birth to him. How could she be so brave, watching me ewww and ah over him?? How could she be so selfless? 

The love and gratefulness we have for her will never be matched.

Loving on our son :)
Daddy has another boy with red hair! PEOPLE. It looked just like Keaton's. It's crazy and something I'll talk more about later.
We stayed for a little over and hour and then left for the day. It wasn't easy leaving, but it was good knowing that Penn was in such loving and caring hands.

The next day we were planning to take Penn "home," but not really home.

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