Tuesday, May 26, 2015

adopting penn liam - part I {getting "the call"}

To put it into time perspective - we got "the call" on Friday, March 13

I'll rewind a little to the week before....

We got an email from our social worker about a birth mother situation. We read through it, talked about it, prayed, and then gave our SW the go ahead to show our profile to this birth mother.

Now you don't always get asked before your profile is shown. The agency that we are working with {Adoptions from the Heart} provided us with what they call a "profile key" that we fill out and hand in with all of our other paperwork. This has a lot of different questions on it in regards to a placement you're willing to accept. Some of the things it includes are drug use by birth mother and birth father, illness, twins, & number of weeks gestation {just to name a few}. It does not give you a gender preference. I'm not going to go into any details about how we filled ours out - it's just to personal. Every family's profile key looks different!

If a situation arises with a birth mother and everything matches your profile key exactly you are shown without question. Sometimes you don't even know that you are shown and not chosen. Often times, though, a situation is not a perfect match.

This situation was very very close, but not a perfect match {something came up that wasn't even on our profile to choose} so we were asked.

I'm not going to go into too many details, but on paper it sounded like an ideal situation. Almost too good to be true. Ryan and I both figured that everyone would want to be shown and so there would be no way on earth we'd be chosen.

I mean....we just started waiting and knew there were tons of great families who would love to be shown to this birth mother.

We kind of joked about how there would be NO WAY we'd get chosen among the other families and that this would be a good "test" of sorts that if we were picked what would we do!


So....we went about our week without too much thought. I asked our SW to contact us when the birth mother decided - just so we knew either way :)

Well that Friday I get a text from her saying that she'd like to talk to both Ryan & I and if I could call Ryan, then call her so we could have a 3 way call. Thankfully, Ryan was off work so I just got him from the other room and put our SW on speaker phone. We just couldn't believe it when she told us that the birth mother had picked us.

She proceeded to tell us a lot more information about the placement, which unless I wrote down didn't remember. At one point I looked at Ryan and he had tears in his eyes. When it comes to our kids he has a heart of gold mush.

We were able to get a lot of great information from our social worker, even the hospital and scheduled date of the birth mother's c-section! She had a planned c-section before her actual due date....

And just like that May 5th we'd be a family of 4 - just under 8 weeks away!!

Now 50% of the placements are emergency, which means that you get the call and then that day or the next day drive to the hospital and pick up your new bundle. So 8 weeks seemed like a really long time! haha!

I'm not sure how I pictured my reaction to "the call." Probably more jumping up and down and with lots of tears, but it wasn't like that. It was so matter of fact for me and kind of brain chaos. I started thinking about this little boy and making lists of things I wanted to do before May.

Let the nesting begin!

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