Friday, May 29, 2015

penn liam paul - 1 month

*Pictures to come!!*
Penn you are 1 month old!

You've had a pretty busy first month! 

I'd like to think some of the highlights include....
Meeting your big brother
Coming home to PA
Meeting your Grandparents, Aunt Emily, cousin Asher, & cousin Hadley
Going to church for the first time

You've been all over the place...probably Target the most ;0) As long as you're in your car seat or riding on Mommy you're happy.

You and Keaton make the cutest brother pair. Most of the time people notice you in the cart or stroller when we're out and say "oh wow! look there, a really little one" You are our really little one, not even weighing 8 pounds yet. Big brother Keaton came out weighing over 8 pounds so you seem extra little! I bet you'll catch up in no time!

You definitely like to eat and nurse like a little champ. We weren't sure how that was all going to go, but so far you've shown us you were up for the challenge and are gaining weight nicely. You're still wearing your newborn clothes, but they are quickly getting too tight. It's fun to jump to the next size because you have so many cute things to wear! They are all hand-me-downs, but because Keaton always spit up a bib covered everything. You get to actually show them off!

So far you've been sleeping pretty well at night - giving us some good 3-4 hour stretches. We're keeping expectations pretty low, but we love a 3.5 hour stretch when we can get it! We know before long you'll be snoozing straight through til morning {hopefully! haha!}

The evenings are hard for you though, actually, it's different parts of the day. You're little body struggles with gas and reflux and it makes you uncomfortable. We think you have a little combination of reflux and colic, basically, you cry and seem uncomfortable a lot. We know it's only temporary and soon you'll be a happy and smiling boy, but for right now we're working hard to get you feeling good!

Penn, you're our little dream boat. You have the best newborn breath and red red hair. You have mesmerizing blue eyes and have started to look at us when we talk to you.We love that God picked us to be your family and can't imagine it without you.

Love you more than words can say.


FUN FACTS: 1 Month
*Weighs 7lb 14oz
*Wears size newborn diapers
*Wears newborn clothes
*Eats every 1.5-2.5 hours {we really vary here}
*Sleeps steady during the day and averages 3 hour stretches at night.
*LOVES the swing
*Likes to be worn in the baby carrier
*Feels so so about bath time
*Cries whenever Keaton gets a bath
*Takes a bottle from Daddy
*Does NOT spit up - wooohooo!
*Feels so so about tummy time
*Likes to eat when Mommy starts eating :)

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