Saturday, May 16, 2015

chocolate world

You're never to young to learn about chocolate making...right?!?

My sister, niece, and nephew came to meet Penn earlier this week and the 7 of us took a little day trip 15 minutes down the road to Hershey's Chocolate World!

They don't allow strollers so thankfully Ryan had off work and could tote around our BIG baby while I snuggled with Penn in the carrier :)

The place was empty {thank you school day} and smelled like chocolate. It was a total win win!
It might not seem like it by the look on all the kiddo's faces, but they had fun! So much fun we did it twice. Free chocolate at the end helped with that I think ;0)
 Isn't this a great picture? Blank wall. Eyes closed. Keaton looking at who knows what. Sometimes I take a picture and think "wow great shot" - this was not one of those times.
Just after the ride I tried to take a family selfie....Keaton tried to poke Penn in the eye and I decided we needed a selfie stick! My arm isn't long enough to squeeze in 4 people!
A friendly woman passing by must have seen my struggle and offered to snap a pic quick - love my little family!! 
Such a fun day with my sister & family!! Can't wait to have more adventures all together!

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