Monday, June 8, 2015

adopting penn liam - part IV {bringing penn "home"}

Adopting Penn Liam Part I
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Part III

The day after we first met our little Penn, we arrived at the hospital ready to take our guy home. 

Both our birth mother and Penn were to be discharged sometime that day. We got there in the morning and left late in the afternoon when Penn was discharged. It was a long day. 

Ryan and I were nervous, excited, and anxious to leave with Penn, but couldn't stop thinking about our birth mother and what she must have been going through. She was just so brave.

We didn't see our birth mother at all this day. Ryan and I literally just hung around the halls and in different waiting rooms in the hospital until our social worker or the hospital social worker needed to talk to us or have us sign papers. I probably went to the bathroom 100x and scrolled through instagram 100x more than that just to keep myself busy. Texting friends and family kept me sane...and day dreaming about my other little love having fun with Grammy :)

We got a late lunch in the hospital cafe and just couldn't believe in a few short hours we'd be leaving with a baby!!

When discharge time came, we met again with the hospital social worker and she led us to an empty hospital room where we'd be waiting for them to bring us Penn. During this time our birth mother was getting ready to leave and saying her goodbye to him. That wait felt like the longest. So many mixed emotions.

Here we are just before...
{And yes we matched, but not on purpose. Someone wouldn't change...haha}
So we just waited there, awkwardly pacing back and forth when the door opened and Penn was wheeled into the room in his bassinet.

I couldn't contain myself at this point and just burst out crying. You should have seen his little body all wrapped up like a baby burrito. It.Was.Precious.

And just like that he was in our care. Just like that he was our little boy. Just like that we were parents to TWO little boys.

It was about all my heart could handle.
So we changed his clothes, buckled him in his car seat, left down a back stairwell, and drove "home" to our hotel 20 minutes away where his Grammy and K-man were waiting for him.

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Love reading this story!!

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