Friday, June 19, 2015

busy weekend and sprinkle for penn

I feel like I haven't been blogging that much recently and it's probably because I have a 13 month old and 7 week old...that's just a guess though ;0P haha

We've been having all kinds of fun here!

Last Saturday, my friend Jess put together a brunch and sprinkle to help celebrate Penn - it was a fun morning :) Some of my family was able to be there and then spend the weekend with us. Keaton loves to be with his cousins and grandparents, so it was especially exciting for him! With all my attention going to Penn these days, it was a treat for me to see him having so much fun.

Penn got spoiled at his sprinkle! Not only did many loving hands bounce him to sleep, but he got diapers, wipes, and baby garb galore :) You can never have too many diapers with a newborn! And the food! Jess put together a delicious spread of sweet and savory brunch items. If only I had taken some pictures....I was too busy enjoying the morning 0:-)

After brunch we spent the rest of the day just hanging out with family :)

K-man practicing his steps to Aunt Emily...he's getting close to walking!
It was so hot and humid out, clothes weren't really necessary...for inside either. Also, I've decided that I have kept Keaton fully clothed for far to long. I'm not sure I've seen anything cuter than K bumming around with only a diaper. I'm declaring it naked baby summer!

Except the diaper, because, well....yeah.
Reading with Pop Pop!
On Sunday I woke up, opened the front door, and there were 3 hot air balloons basically in our front yard!! I've seen them around, but never this close. It was pretty cool :)

On Tuesday, my parents, me, and the boys went to Lancaster. We did okay. Really though....Penn didn't like the shopping at.all. and we had to come home early. He's a typical guy I guess. haha We'll keep trying to do outings with both boys, but we'll also be staying home more too. Trips to the grocery store and Target are enough to get us out of the house! Sometimes I forget Penn is still only 7 weeks old - a big day trip in the heat is a lot for a little guy. Thank goodness my parents were troopers.

So now we're all on complete withdraw. It was amazing to have some extra help and company around. Ryan has this weekend off and we couldn't be happier! Everyone loves Daddy:)

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