Sunday, August 13, 2017

family day at knoebels

Last week we had our annual Cowell family day at Knoebels!!

Look at how little the kiddos are at last year's trip! They've all grown so much!

Check out that really big kid on the far left ;-) We missed the littlest cousin, Noel, but next year he'll be big enough to ride and have fun!
One word to describe this year: FUN!
Keaton was so afraid last year and so we weren't sure what he'd think of the rides and noise, but he loved it :) And it's SO much more fun when your kids are having a good time!!

My niece, Hadley, was Keaton's little riding buddy most of the time. She's a hoot...the 3 of us had fun together.
K wouldn't have gone near the helicopters last year, no less ride it alone! Big stuff knew just what to do!
 I was pretty sure Penn would like the rides and I was right! He LOVED them! 

He's our little daredevil!
 I felt comfortable with him on all of them...except maybe the helicopter. This one went way up in the air and so we put Keaton on the outside for good measure.
I can't even handle seeing these 2 riding together - SO cute!! {And check out how bored that big kid is behind them. He needs to ride the Phoenix next hahaha}
Sister and Hadley!
  We loved the balloons!
 We rode a bunch of rides and then took an ice cream break. Penn doesn't like a lot of foods, but he loves his ice cream {and popsicles and donuts :) }
My dad, BIL, and older nephews were riding big rides during our ice cream break. This picture cracks me up because it was right after my sister Emily {sitting on my left} read a text from my Dad telling us what ride he was about to get on. As you can see my oldest sister and Mom were a little concerned the Dramamine didn't have time to kick in yet! 

"Dad is riding what?!?"
Oh my gosh I love him. If there's a crowd and noise he's happy...the rides were an added bonus!!
They just had the time of their lives!
Just a bunch more pictures from our fun day!!

Already looking forward to next year!!

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