Tuesday, August 16, 2016

family day at knoebels

About a week ago, we met my parents and sisters {plus family}for a fun day at Knoebels Amusement Park!

It's a great family park because admission is free and you only pay to ride. Parking is free too!! Bigger kids can get wrist bands for unlimited fun, but you can also just buy tickets. It was perfect for us because Keaton still isn't into riding rides and so we just got tickets. He liked the train and...that's about it! Boy was he excited to ride the train!

I thought he might like the carousel, but it turns out he enjoyed watching from the outside a lot better.

He did get brave and tried the firetrucks with cousin Hadley, but it was just too fast and noisy. I felt SO bad for him! I thought he was waving for a bit, but he was signing "all done." He couldn't get off fast enough.
Maybe next year ;0) 

Penn enjoyed walking around and trying to crawl into other people's strollers. He would go with anyone if we let him! The wagon kept him within reach for a little bit, but this little boy just wanted to run all over the place! 
Happy and free :)
Not happy and contained. haha
It was fun watching the cousins have fun! They're all at the perfect age for Knoebels - they bounced from one ride to the next! 
Except baby Noel, who rode on his Mommy or was entertained by someone else in the family :) Keaton tickled his toes for a bit and it was so cute - K loved him. Babies are hard to have out in the heat all day and Noel did so well!
The day wouldn't be complete without some treats....
Oh does Keaton love his ice cream {with sprinkles!}!
Let's face it, everybody loves ice cream!
Except maybe Penn who enjoyed his animal crackers ;0) 
 Can't wait to see how the boys like Knoebels next year!! Maybe less crying and more riding?? :)

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Kelsey Winter said...

My girls loved it this year! Neither one could get enough. I think your boys will love it next year. :)

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