Sunday, September 4, 2016

topsail beach vacation - part I

We just got back from a wonderful beach vacation in Topsail, NC! Each summer we go to the beach for a week with Ryan's family, but this year we decided to get a house for ourselves and thankfully, my parents were able to join us! 

It takes about 7.5hrs to get to Topsail from our house, so we decided to take a little detour to my parent's place in Raleigh for a night before heading onto the island. 

I got everything piled in the dining room and Ryan loaded the van the night before we were planning to leave. The boys do much better in the car first thing in the morning, so it works well to have everything loaded and ready to go!

They did amazing on the 7hr drive to my parents!

Keaton slept a little... 
Read a little... 
But mostly watched Daniel Tiger :) I think he would have been a happy boy just watching Daniel straight from our driveway --> my parent's driveway. As long as the snacks kept coming and he had a cup of milk he would have not said a word!!

But that wasn't happening ;0)

Penn seemed happy with snacks and musical toys! He really rides well and we sitting right behind me so I couldn't get many pictures of him.

We stopped for lunch and then once more at McDonald's for ice cream and free apple pies. This McDonald's also happened to have an outdoor play area, which grossed me out, but the boys loved! 

Yes, Penn tried to lick the drain there. 
Yes, that was my ice cream cone Ryan thought Keaton and I would share. HA 
When we take long road trips {which we seem to take a lot} I like to have at least 1 new, extra special toy to break out for the last leg. 

K was SO excited! His cousin had one just like this at the beach house in July and K couldn't get enough.
It was so cute watching him enjoy it! He kept hugging it and offering it his water. It was definitely a good choice! Penn got a little police car that lit up and made noise...he enjoyed Woofer probably even more that Keaton once we got to the beach.

We had dinner with my parents and played a bit before bed! They only live 2ish hours from Topsail, so we hung out a bit in the morning and then Ryan and I took the boys to the most amazing park before heading out.

Boys...look at Mommy. haha
This park has a train, so Ryan and Keaton rode on that while Penn and I explored the rest of the park. It was probably 105 degrees, so we were hot and soaked with sweat by the time we left, but it was still fun! 
On the road again heading to Topsail!! Poor Penn was behind me...he's looking cute as always though :) 

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YAY! I've been waiting for pictures!

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