Tuesday, September 6, 2016

topsail beach vacation - part II

After leaving the park on Saturday morning, we stopped at Panera for lunch, and then headed straight to the rental office to pick up our keys and check out the house.

You never really know what you're going to walk into when you rent a beach house. The pictures online looked great, but pictures can be deceiving and you can't smell pictures...so we braced ourselves for any funky smells :0P 

We were pleasantly surprised - it was beautiful! 
 We were right on the beach which was so nice with 2 little ones ;0)
Except we needed to set up a baby gate so no one wondered down the sand themselves.
Ryan unpacked the entire van and the boys made themselves at home. I picked up all the decorations so nothing got broken. haha 
On the upper deck with my little family :) Vacations are so much better with those 2 little boys!
Loved this view from bed - so peaceful!
The next day we were all anxious to go to the beach, so Ryan got the canopy {and loads of other stuff} all set up! I got sunblock and bathing suits on the boys. We were both exhausted by 9am. haha My parents were arriving later that day - so we enjoyed the day just the 4 of us.
 Penn hated the sand in July and again this week. The one spot he liked the most was in this toy bucket. Kids are so weird.
He did get brave and played in the pool a few times, but usually only if he was eating a snack. 
He was just as happy being inside and away from all the sand :) Or at the hose getting rinsed off. He just did NOT like the sand at all!! I'm sure next year we'll be chasing him down the beach!
Keaton loved it all. Once Pop Pop and Grammy got here the party really started for him. He was basically go go go the entire time! 

He didn't mind the sand, but was scared of the ocean the first few days.
It took a little convincing and baby steps to get out there...
But he did it! 
He was a wild man in those waves on the last day. My Dad and Ryan both said he would just go limp noodle and fall under the waves. A little scary if you ask me!! 

There's really nothing better than watching your kids have a fun time - it was awesome!

More pictures and date night up next :)

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