Saturday, August 13, 2016

family reunion

Last Saturday, we all headed out for the day to visit with my Dad's side of the family at their annual reunion.

They come from all over and meet at a state park about 45 minutes from our house - it's really nice that it's so close!! We went last year and it was fun...a little hot, but good to see everyone :) 

The boys were still pretty little last year, but are older now and had the best time! They were outside the entire day and covered in dirt from head to toe by noon :)

My aunt brought this baby pool and my cousin had it filled up by the time we got was perfect!
 Neither jumped in right away, but at one point I looked over and K was sliding in like a seal. haha

The boys played in the pool, explored a little, ate lunch, and then we walked to this great playground and beach/sandpit. It was pretty toasty outside, but Keaton still liked it. The heat doesn't seem to bother kids the way it does adults.
He just loved this "beach" as he called it. He insisted on taking off his shoes.
When Keaton played Ryan walked Penn around in the stroller so he could take a rest. Poor guy would have never made it through the rest of the afternoon without a little snooze.

Keaton still gets pretty nervous/shy around adults, so he wasn't in the mood to socialize much. We tried to catch up with family the best we could, but Keaton and Penn still need a lot of attention. Maybe next year we'll actually get to talk to everyone ;0)

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