Monday, July 31, 2017


And just like that July is over!

We've been loving the warm {but not crazy hot} weather and time outside. Keaton complains about the heat sometimes, but overall the boys love to be outside :)

We've done a lot this month...

Hung out with cousin Owen {he's very popular in our house!}...
And then "watched" him play baseball in a tournament near our house.
 This is right before Keaton bit Penn's finger. Go figure.
 Kept cool inside on the really hot days watching shows on Mommy and Daddy's bed. They have this bath, jammies, on the bed for a TV show thing down.
 Keaton LOVES The Peanuts Movie and when he rediscovered this Snoopy costume in his closet that Ryan bought last year for like 80% off after Halloween he wouldn't take it off.
 He's a good dog that cleans up after himself
 And knows how to relax :)
We took the boys to the Lehigh Valley Zoo for a morning out. 
 It was fun to change it up from our normal, local zoo.
We definitely thought Keaton would be more excited about the penguins though, but he didn't seem to care much. 
The ostrich was probably the most exciting! He pecked at us! haha
And then of course the frosty's at Wendy's afterwards ;0)
 There is a huge Cabela's right on the way home and so we stopped there too. I'm pretty sure the boys liked it more than the zoo! haha
 Especially the fish! Ohhhh Penn loves his fish!

Penn and K-man are just at the age where all animals are awesome! Just last week I met a friend at a semi-local activity farm {Paulus Farm Market} so the boys could play and feed the animals.
 It was a hit!

Throw in a week at the beach in the middle there and July has been good to us :)

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