Monday, October 24, 2016

pumpkin picking 2016

A few weeks ago we headed back to Gray's Apple Orchard to pick a few apples and our pumpkins again this year! 

Well it wasn't that bad, but it wasn't amazing either :)

Ryan and I talked on the way home and decided that our boys were still just a little to young to parade through a pumpkin patch and pick pumpkins. They really just didn't care. And it was super hot. We really should have considered just going to a parking lot stand and letting the boys wonder around on the black top while we picked, paid, and carried the pumpkins to our car....instead of walk through a field, cut the pumpkin, wash it off, and then pay.

As you can see from Penn's face here, he was in a really great mood. Bless this boy's heart - he's either happy or not happy. He doesn't have much in between. He was not a fan of the pumpkin patch this year. 
 Keaton did okay - he had a hard time navigating over all the stems, but was a trooper.

Helping Daddy find the perfect pumpkin... 
I think I said something like "just get that pumpkin right there!! It looks FINE!" and pointed to the closest one I could see 0:-)
 Discussing the cutting strategy here...
We snapped this literally as we were walking out of the patch - I think both boys were excited to head out ;0)
We did see the cows and grabbed a few apples before going back to the van, but we were all ready. Maybe next year! We'll keep trying!! Just making memories!

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