Saturday, October 17, 2015

gray's apple orchard

 A few Sundays ago we made our annual trip to Gray's Apple Orchard for apple and pumpkin picking!!

It had been raining for days, but that afternoon the clouds finally cleared up and we had a beautiful day!

We didn't all have beautiful attitudes though...
It was touch and go through the afternoon.

K was in the church nursery, had play time with small group friends immediately after, and then a short-ish nap in the car so he was in no mood. haha

We started picking apples and with a little encouragment we got K-man to come along :)
I'll be honest, it took a lot of encouragement and some carrying.
Two of my 3 guys...Penn was happy as a little camper in the stroller, so that's where we left him :)

Compared to some "u-pick" places, Gray's is on the smaller side, but they have cows!!
I think this was Keaton's first time meeting a cow. He was so friendly and walked up to him and said "HI!"....which was really a lot since that's about all he says these days :) 

After cows we headed to the pumpkin patch....
Keaton was a great helper, until he didn't want to anymore...then he started to throw a fit so Ryan plopped him in the wagon.

About 3 minutes later Keaton just couldn't do it. He was SO thirsty and SO hungry that I had to take him and Penn back to the car for drinks and snacks. We looked at the cows a bit more and then Penn started to fuss, so while Ryan was in the far back corner of the pumpkin patch getting us pumpkins, I tried to push the stroller over to the cows, while holding Penn and almost tipped the entire thing over.

Seriously. It was on 2 wheels.

Thankfully, an older gentleman was sitting nearby and came to our rescue. He helped get us all over to the cows and that's where we stayed until Ryan got back {which felt like 15 hours by the way-hahaha}Both boys were going into meltdown mode.

Daddy did find the perfect pumpkins and after a little washing we were ready to go :)
You just never know what it's going to be like with kids....that's what makes them so great! Sometimes we think back to an afternoon and laugh because we all had so much fun and sometimes we laugh because everyone cried....or I almost dumped the stroller. Either way we're making memories and I LOVE IT!
Next year we'll have 2 little boys running around and {hopefully!!} in great pumpkin picking moods. 

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