Friday, October 9, 2015

rekp fall vacation - part III

Sunday morning of our trip, we ran the Duluth Donut Dash 5K!!

We weren't kidding about running a 5k in all 50 states. We only have....lots more states to go!

Neither of us have been training at all really and we knew it would be so hard with the double stroller, but we like a good challenge. 

And there were donuts at the end, so there's that HUGE incentive.


It also benefited the United Methodist Children's Home of North Georgia :) It's great to run for agood cause!

It was a rainy, drizzly, gross morning, but we were all game! Look at this little boy all cozy in the stroller with his milk and cheerios.
K slowly lost his enthusiasm before the race and went into "rest" mode....
But we did it!!

Let me tell you though - pushing 40+ lbs of sweet babies and gear was not easy. We love our BOB double stroller. However, the thing is a beast!! Ryan had it most of the run and then I helped push up the hills....or at least tried ;0)

Our goal was to come in under 29 minutes and we just squeaked in under 28. Not our best time, but not our worst! And did I mention there were donuts at the end?!? 

K loved that part!
Penn wasn't so sure ;0)

We hung out for a bit and then took a picture with Mr. Donut! I think Keaton wanted to eat him....

I love doing these 5ks when we travel. There are always a ton of locals and everyone is so friendly. 

But really, between the post run endorphin high and donut sugar rush who wouldn't be in a good mood?? :0P

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