Wednesday, October 26, 2016

messiah college homecoming

I can hardly believe that it's been 10 years since Ryan graduated from college! We both would be celebrating our 10 year reunion, except I switched my major late and had to stay for 1 more technically I'm only on year 9. 

But seriously. 10 YEARS?!?

Ryan and I met at Messiah College, so it'll always be a super special place for us!

Fun throw back to when Ryan and I were in England our junior year {minus me :)}
Spring break our senior year....England worked it's magic on us and we got together a few months after getting back.
We only live about 30 mins from Messiah, but this was our first time back with kids and seeing a lot of our college friends!

It was a great day :) Ryan was originally suppose to work, so being able to go was a nice surprise. I was going to try and do it with the boys alone, but I'm 100% certain I wouldn't have been able to visit with anyone so it was good he was there :)

Strolling through campus! It was a gorgeous day!
2 of my loves :) 
We walked around for a bit and checked out all the main spots on campus. 

Penn loves people so he liked being part of the action!
Keaton was indifferent and happy to be sitting in the big kid's chair with his raisins. He kept saying "lots of people. lots of people." 
One of the highlights of our day was visiting the museum in one of the campus buildings. We had never been there and so it was new for all of us! The boys liked it! Lots of stuffed animals :)
We met a bunch of friends for lunch and it was SO good to catch up! We almost all have kids now and so there was a lot to talk about :) 

One thing we all agreed on pretty much immediately is how amazing it was to eat in the dining hall!! No cooking!! Kids get whatever they want!! No clean up!!! Why did we ever complain about this place???

K loved it. 
Hot dog - check
French fries - check
Chicken wings - check
Carrots - I ate those
And if all that wasn't enough - ice cream for dessert. {And no he didn't eat it all}  
Penn was pretty tired by this point, so he did something very unusual for him - he sat still and listened to us all talk. It was so weird and so nice!
After lunch we headed back to the museum for another go around and then checked out the kid's zone!! 
Keaton was too nervous to do much, but as soon as Penn got out of the stroller he was a loose cannon. After trying to dive into the fishing pond {plastic pool with rubber duckies} he literally ran and climbed up on this chair. He was so proud - can you tell?? :)  
Girls I met freshman year :) I feel like a completely different person than when I first met them 14 years ago....getting married and having kids will change a person I guess ;0) They all look great and are just as kind and sweet as when I first met them.

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