Saturday, October 29, 2016

penn liam paul - 18 months

Penn you're officially 1 and 1/2!! 

Right now it's just barely 6:30am and you're stirring in your crib. This seems about right :) Some days you wake up at 6am, 6:30am, 7am, name it. It's most consistently around 7, but we never really know. That's the theme of your little life so far: unpredictable.
Each morning is 100% brand new to you. Some days your happy as a clam and other days you seem to wake up on the wrong side of the crib. I contribute those days to the big molars working their way in - teething has always been a bit of a hardship for you. Luckily, they're all in and I think just popping up the rest of the way!

Penn, these days you really want to be a big boy and you ARE! You're doing all the big boy things like sitting at the table for your snacks....
And milk
 And playing at the learning tower. You just recently discovered how amazing it is to be in the learning tower -!! You just bang on the counter and play with whatever is up there :)
Having Keaton up with you is a special treat ;0)
 You kind of wrestle a lot when you're up there together, so that doesn't happen much right now. haha Daddy said he saw you climb up into the tower by yourself, but I haven't seen you do that yet.
Penn you're something else - quite the opposite in a lot of ways from your big brother. Where he's laid back and fairly patient, you're demanding and want what you want immediately! No waiting around for you! I try to stay a step ahead of you so you don't get frustrated with me, but little friend it's hard! You move quick! It's not always easy keeping up, but I try!

It's pretty funny to watch you test your limits and get into things. In the middle of trouble you always look back to make sure someone is watching you, then you give a sly little smile. It's kind of adorable. You know you're cute.

The other thing that is absolutely adorable is how much you love your stuffed animals. Doggie and Bear are your favorites. You sleep with 4 stuffies every night and a blankie. Most of the time I peek at the monitor and see you usually have both arms draped around D and B. A few days ago I put you down for your nap and could hear you kissing "mwah! mwah!" who I assume was Mr. Bear before you settled down. I mean, you love those guys!
Oh little man you're a riot. You LOVE people and being out and about! Where Keaton stays way back with me or Daddy, you're out front leading the way. You'll walk up to pretty much anyone. You especially like kids and would crawl right up and into someone else's stroller if I let you. 

You're good at climbing too. I've caught you on the table a few times in the last week. #stinker :) I think you do it just so I'll get you...there's no place else you'd rather be than mingling with strangers, animals, or in Mommy's arms.
Penn, you're a little fire cracker in our house. You provide light in a loud and new way :) That smile says it all! We see you discovering new things all the time and playing in new and different ways - it's a real treat! I'm not sure what we'd do without you! 

Love you!!

Fun Facts - 18 Months
*Weight - 18lbs 4oz
*Length- 29"
*Sizes- 9 month pants, 12 month shirts, 3 diaper
*Favorite foods - YOGURT, cheese, turkey sausage, tomatoes {sometimes}, veggie and fruit packs, animal crackers, pretzel sticks, goldfish
*Words- momma, dada, bear, cheese, hi, dog, more, no
*Runs and tries to jump
*Sleeps from 7:20/30pm-6:45/7am
*Naps 1x a day @ 1:30 for 1-2.5hrs {it's a toss up}

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