Saturday, October 22, 2016

ridin' 'round the neighborhood

The other week these 2 decided to take a cruise around our cul-de-sac ;0)
I'm not sure who's driving who here, but almost certain it's the one who can reach the ground with his feet ;0)
 I just love Penn's little arm hanging out the door here! In another few blinks these 2 will be off riding together in a REAL car together. Ahhhh. #holdme
 Brotherly love at it's finest..... pushing little brother around wherever you want to go. HA
 Like straight up the neighbor's driveway, their sidewalk, and to their front step....
 And then making a "run" for it through the grass. Hold on Penn!! haha
 I'm sorry, but if these little boys in their police car drove up to my front door there's a 100% chance I'd give them candy and then kiss their face! LOVE THEM!!

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