Thursday, May 12, 2016

marbles children's musem & donuts {NC edition}

At the beginning of May, the boys and I visited my parents in NC after a quick visit with Penn's birth mother. 

I wrote about part of our trip here :)

Since I wrote that, we've had some birthdays and it's been busy busy, but I'm back!

Now that Keaton is older, we're able to do a lot more things with him...which is really fun for me! They have a great children's museum {Marbles Kids Museum} nearby and it was awesome!!

Keaton {and I} loved it!!

This kiddo loves to build with legos and these light up ones were SO cool! He spent a lot of time here.
Even Penn wanted to try :)
Keaton loved the legos, but his very favorite part was the water station! How cute is he in his water apron??? He only got his shoes soaking wet .2 seconds after walking up to the table :)
I was nursing Penn when K went into the control room and thankfully my Dad took some pictures, because now I know what Ryan would have looked like doing his job {he operates a nuclear power plant} at 2 years old ;0)
 I think the control room where Ryan works is a little more complicated...
but this gives us a good idea. haha
Penn was a trooper and stayed awake the entire time, although my Mom got pretty close to getting him asleep :) He was so distracted wanted to run around with the big kids, but I just couldn't let him crawl all over the nasty floor. Next year buddy!!
A few blocks away from the museum is a Krispy Kreme, so of course we had to get a fresh donut after all the playing. 
I tell ya, this kid really had a rough week ;0) 
If we lived in the area I imagine a trip to Marbles and KK would be part of our weekly routine!

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