Friday, April 29, 2016

penn liam - ONE

Penn you are ONE today!

Happy Birthday little red!
It's really been an amazing year! We've been busy for sure and you threw us some curve balls, but we wouldn't have it any other way. 
 Except maybe for all the crying those first few weeks ;)

I know, it's hard to imagine that you used to cry and cry when you were a bitty baby - you're mostly all smiles and laughing now! 
You are so ticklish and love the one on one attention! I barely need to touch you and you burst out laughing.

You don't always wake up laughing though - haha. Most days you cry and then sit up and yell for me to come and get you; that's between 6-7am, but only AFTER you've been up at 4am to nurse. Soon we'll work on weaning you from this feeding. Get ready :) 

You go to bed right at 7:30pm and do a great job! You love your routine of bath, nurse, bed. You LOVE your bath! If Keaton gets his bath first you do all you can to pull yourself into the tub with him. 

This face. It's the face of trouble. You've been getting into all kinds of mischief these days :)
 Climbing into the tub is one of many things you try to climb. You're still pretty small too, which means you sneak into all kinds of small spaces. 

Case and point : the dog door.
You've been trying more table food and recently lapped avocado up off your highchair tray. We're still giving you mostly baby food, but table food is in your near future...I can feel it! You also nurse a lot throughout the day - I have a feeling the transition to whole milk will be very interesting ;0)
You pull yourself up on pretty much anything around the house and continue to cruise along furniture - I imagine any day you'll be taking some steps on your own. We're in no big rush over here though :)

Penn it's unbelievable that just a year ago today we got a call letting us know you were on your way...a whole 2 weeks early!! Daddy and I will never forget that moment. You've been a joy to so many since the day you came to us. We're grateful that just a few short years ago our circumstances led us to choose adoption and now we have YOU in our family! God is good Penn! He has blessed us more than we could have ever imagined :)

You are loved.

Fun Facts - 12 Months
*Nurses 6-8x a day
*Eats 1-1.5 containers of baby food 3x a day
*Favorite foods - fruit, anything orange, yogurt
* Pulls up on everything
*7 teeth
*Sleeps from 7:30pm-4am, eats, back to sleep until between 6-7am
*Naps 2x a day at/around 9am & 2pm
*Fascinated with wheels

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