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keaton mark - 2 years

Happy Birthday Keaton!!

Wait a second, weren't you JUST born?!?! :)
Hi my little love. 
You were a mellow baby, very observant 1 year old, and I think going to be a very FUN and feisty 2 year old ;0)

You've already started with the feisty part - letting us know what you want and don't want to do, eat, wear, etc.

I thought it would be fun to look back over the last year and see how much you've grown and what you've been up to! Let's start right after you turned ONE...

May 2015
You were such a little baby still and a big brother! I can't believe how well you transitioned into that roll. You were a natural then and are still now. You could sleep anywhere and rarely fussed. You were very low key the first few weeks Penn was home with us and a real blessing.
June 2015
You decided in June you were ready to get up and go. With the help of this shopping cart {still your favorite toy} you started getting around! You man handle it much better now than back then, corners are not an object anymore :) You still prefer it empty, but will occasionally throw in a few toys.
July 2015
You became a real big boy this month and started walking all the time...and unloading cabinets. I thought you got into stuff then....I had NO idea! You loved the beach and playing in the sand! Most hot days at home you spent reading and watching me take care of Penn 0:-)
August 2015
Oh this face melts me. You're a sweetheart and could get whatever you want when you make this face. This was your month of being outside. Walks. Splash table. Playing in the rain. Digging in dirt. Eating popsicles with no shirt. Riding in your push car. You name it, you did it! Your legs got strong and you took off!
September 2015
This will always be a special month because it's when you discovered your most favorite thing of all time: the elevator. You are obsessed with elevators! You took your first real ride in an Embassy Suites glass elevator in Atlanta, GA and it changed you. You also rode in the car from PA -->NC--> GA and then back, which I think made you appreciate our 15min rides to Target :).
October 2015
Reading, trips out with Mom and Penn, dressing up as a dino dragon, wearing the beloved "backpack," playing with friends, and crying almost the entire time we tried to pick apples &pumpkins {except this pic}....lots of little things made this month a great and memorable one for you!   
November 2015
I don't know what took us so long, but Daddy gave you your first piece of big boy toast and you downed it like a champion. Eating has always been one of your strengths, especially throughout your first year! You try all kinds of food and right now are particularly fond of; pepperoni, bologna, avocado, yogurt, lettuce, tomatoes, grapes, raisins, meatballs, fruit snacks, donuts, and APPLESAUCE {which you call "packs"}. You ask for a "pack" probably 10x a day, every day. 
December 2015
Ready to pounce...that's December! You were busy jumping from the sofa into your bounce house, making piles with pillows, climbing on my head, and "helping" Daddy work on finishing the basement. You got used to staying inside as it got cold and explored with play dough, Christmas decorations, and experienced the excitement of Christmas morning for the first time :) 
January 2016
Hmmm...what happened in January? Oh right, we got a HUGE amount of snow! It was the first time you got to play in the snow, as opposed to just sit in it :) That wasn't the only thing worth remembering though.... you also went to chocolate world, started sharing the top cart with Penn, slid up into your learning tower, and discovered BATH PAINT! Even now you want to "paint! paint!" in the bath!
February 2016
Not only were you Mommy's valentine this month, you also realized the true definition of comfort: you're robe. Your continued love for dogs transferred over to your robe and you couldn't get enough. You enjoyed big boy story time at the library and realized that not everything is worth sharing with Penn - namely, snacks. You're attitude started to take shape this month and although you're still very laid back, you have your own thoughts and ideas about how things should go!
March 2016
You demanded this container of puffs with as much intensity as you're showing here jamming them into your mouth. You're really becoming little mister independent and let me know {loud and clear most times} what you want or don't want. You can physically do most things, but are still not a big fan of the park slide.You continue to read more than anything else and love to watch Youtube clips of Elmo :)
April 2016
Your last month as a one year old. Oh my!!! You're just as sweet as can be, except when you yell really loudly or get excited and try to grab my face. haha You mostly do things for a reaction and like a really big one; good or bad. You're saying a ton of words and spurt out new ones every day. This month it seems like you've become a full blown 2 year old. You thrown a tantrum one minute and then snuggle my face the next. Sharing is becoming more of a challenge, but nothing you can't handle. I feel like your personality is starting to take shape and that's exciting to see :)

It's been, hands down, the fastest year of my life. I cry thinking about how you're already 2, but am so happy to see how much you've grown and what you're able to do. Your brain works really hard figuring things out and it shows. I love that you have ideas and want to try things. You're definitely still nervous about a lot of new situations, but are getting brave and don't want to miss any fun. I'm proud of how kind you are to Penn {most days} and offer to share your toys with him. 

You're healthy, happy, and bring joy to so many people! Most days I have to keep from eating you up because I just love you so much. You'll always be my baby, but you're most certainly turning into a big boy.

Happy Birthday K-man. Love love love you!

Fun Facts - 2 years
*Weighs- 30lbs
*Length- 34.4"
*Favorite toys - books, Beat Bo, shopping cart, house, bounce house, ice cream cone set  
*Favorite foods - applesauce, pepperoni, yogurt, fruit snacks, grapes, raspberries, blueberries, eggs 
*Favorite books - If You Want to See A Whale, Dragons Love Tacos, 100 Things that Go, Don't Let                   the Pigeon Drive the Bus
*Favorite songs - Wheels on the Bus, Ba Ba Black Sheep
*Favorite animals - sheep, dogs
*Favorite color - blue
*Favorite bath toy - paint
*Favorite character - Elmo
*Favorite show - Color Crew
*Favorite brother - Penn ;0)
*Words - attempts to say almost everything

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