Saturday, April 23, 2016

creek & ice cream {NC edition}

The boys and I got to my parent's house Sunday at lunch and after I unpacked us {still can't believe how much stuff we didn't have this time - kids need a lot, babies need more!} the boys played with my parents and explored the house before ice cream :) 
We attempted their local ice cream place {Sunny Skys} but it was PACKED, so we got fro-yo instead on Sunday night...
And then went back to Sunny Skys on Friday night :) Hey! I needed my Sunny Skys!

I think K liked it - I got him dirt cake with gummy worms. HAHA Next time I'll get him plain vanilla or something less....dark ;0) He ran around the table, took a bite, then ran around again over and over. 
We had a few *extra* fun days, but most of the time we hung out at my parents house and enjoyed the change of routine and cooked meals :)

Really though, everything else we did pretty much paled in comparison to his adventures down to the creek with my Dad. 
getting dirty √
being outside√
playing in water √
It met all the criteria.

He was in little boy heaven and I was in mommy heaven watching him have so much fun. Every time he saw my Dad he said "creek! creek!" HAHA I think I know what they'll be doing next time we go for a visit ;0)

Penn and I wondered down a few times, but stayed up at the house mostly. He wanted down to explore, but I'm 100% he would have only eaten the rocks. And cow poop we saw. 


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