Friday, April 22, 2016

meeting penn's birthmother

A few weeks ago we took a weekend trip to VA to meet Penn's birth mother!

It was almost impossible to believe it had been an entire year since we first met her and started preparing for Penn's arrival! We have written letters and sent pictures to her each month over the last year, but this was going to be the first time she had seen Penn since he was born. It was certainly an emotional time, but we had decided our emotions we going to be positive and this was going to be a fun weekend away for us! 

We left early Friday morning and started the 6 hour drive. When we first left I was still feeling a little sick from just having the stomach bug, but around lunchtime my nausea finally went away and I felt like a new woman! 


Keaton worked most of the trip....
And Penn slept a lot, thankfully!

The further south we drove and the more humid it got, the bigger Penn's front curl seemed to get :) It was great. 
Also, that straw entertained him for a loooong time ;0)
We actually signed up to run a 5K the next morning, before meeting Penn's birth mom, so we stopped to pick up our packet on the way to our hotel.

It worked out really well! Packet pick up was at a children's museum and K loved playing with R.Hero for a bit before getting dinner :) 
 We got to the hotel, unloaded, settled in, went to the pool and watched tv before all going to bed at 7:30pm. When you share a room with your almost 1 year old and your other little is in the other room everything gets dark at the same time and you all go to bed. Even at 7:30. haha 

Saturday was an early morning. We got to the Bunny Hop 5K in plenty of time and the boys did great! The location was beautiful and I really wish it had been sunny and warm, rather than rainy and cold. Bleh. 

Boats are still fun to look at in the rain though!
 The 4 of us right before we took off.
 Daddy and Penn :) 
About 1/2 mile into the race it started to rain and I was just ready to be warm, dry, showered, and we booked it and finished in a great time!

We got our free beer, chick-fil-a sandwiches, bagels, bananas, etc after the race and then left pretty much right away to get ready to meet Penn's birth mom.

We met at a local indoor fun park and it was great! Keaton played while the rest of us visited :)
We really had no idea what to expect, but we talked for hours and left feeling very good about our time together. The relationship we have with Penn's birth mom will continue to grow and change, but I pray always be a good one. We love her very much and will always have the most amazing respect for the choice to made to give Penn life! She's one strong woman!

That evening looked a lot like the night before...all in bed at 7:30 :) haha

And the next morning I took the boys and headed further south to my parent's house in NC and Ryan rented a car and drove home {poor guy had to work the next week}. 

The 3hr trip to my parents went very well! Penn slept almost the entire way and Keaton ate snacks for the last 45 mins....

NC fun to come!

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