Saturday, May 14, 2016

sesame street live

Instead of having a party this year for Keaton's 2nd birthday, we decided to take him to Sesame Street Let's Dance Live!  

Penn stayed with his grandparents, so Keaton had a special date day with just Mommy and Daddy! Really though, it was just as special for us to be able to give him one on one attention :)

When you go see Elmo, you have to wear Elmo. He LOVED his new Sesame Street shirt and could hardly walk straight because he kept looking down and pointing to it. The shirt probably would have been enough, but we already had the show tickets.... haha

 We left early and had plenty of time to find our seats, explore, and people watch before the show. Ryan may have been a little excited too {I call this his muppet face} ;0)
 Let's Dance!
We've been watching Let's Dance clips at home on YouTube, so I think K was pretty surprised and curious about it being right in front of him.
 He danced a little, clapped a little, ate a hot dog, and then was ready to go home :) It was only about 1.5hrs, but that was plenty long enough for the 3 of us.
Day not complete without a "piggy back" ride for Mr. K
He fell asleep on the ride home and then spent the rest of the afternoon playing with his grandparents - such a special birthday trip for our big boy!!

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