Monday, May 16, 2016

keaton's 2nd birthday day

Since we had an extra special day celebrating Keaton's birthday at Sesame Street Live, on his actual birthday we kept things low key....basically we sang "Happy Birthday" a lot :)

I decorated his door for a fun surprise in the morning! I was going to put balloons all over the floor, but with Penn crawling all over and biting pretty much everything I was pretty sure that a POP in the face might make Keaton's birthday morning one we wouldn't forget for all the wrong maybe next year!
 He called it his "tunnel" all week!
I also got him some balloons at the dollar store....
 Can you really go wrong with a jumbo Elmo head balloon??

Side note: that balloon lasted at least 2 weeks! When it started sinking down and Elmo was looking at me in the eyes I got rid of it. #creepy
We had church this morning and Ryan was coming off night shift {read: sleeping} so I had to get us all ready, but I still managed to snap a quick pic of my big TWO year old :)

That little smirk sums him up perfectly these days...he's as mischievous as ever. HA!
After church, Keaton took a nice long rest and then woke up to his presents. We had this easel from a few months ago I had bought and stashed away...he's been more into coloring recently so I thought he might like this. He also got some great gifts to open from his aunts and uncles!
 We had an early dinner and CAKE!!
 Mr. Sheep wanted to celebrate too ;0)
 I just love him.
 I think he liked it!! With the exception of "brrrr" cold hands! haha

My dad always told us that our birthdays were just as special for he and my mom and it's totally true! I was just as excited and thankful for this day as K-man!

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