Wednesday, May 18, 2016

just having fun

If I haven't mentioned it 15 times already...having a 2 year old is fun {and challenging!}!

The days of "NO! NO! NO!" and needing to wear certain pants can be a little wearing, but it's neat to watch him play :)
K-man is finally old enough and capable enough to enjoy parks, so we're starting to explore around a little. Since he's still pretty content just walking up and down the sidewalks in front of our house, we've only really stopped to check them out on days we were already out and needed a little pick me up, but I imagine it won't be long before they're a normal part of our routine!

I took the boys to vote with me several weeks ago and just as I was about to go into the main room Keaton got a look of terror on his face and had an epic meltdown. It was bad. I mean...all these nice retired men and women offering him candy...stickers....flashlights were just too much for him to handle. It took us probably 20mins to get through and there was no line at all. He just cried and cried. Come November I'll bring all his favorite snacks, the stroller, and maybe Ryan :)

Anyways...after that ordeal a trip to the park was kind of necessary - for all of us. We were lucky there was one right next door AND only 10mins from our house!

 He still won't go down the slide....he'll get there ;0)

 Such a big boy! Penn rode on me the whole time - he loved it :)
I honestly think voting was more traumatic for him than when he got his 2 year shots. In another year or 2 we'll recoup with ice cream, but at 9:30 in the morning a trip to the park worked just as well :)

And just when you thought I only associated the park with terrible events in Keaton's life, we went to a new/different one just last week and had a blast!

This boy just LOVES to be outside! Who needs play equipment when you have Grandmom and Pop-pop's golfing green right in their neighborhood??

Here's to warm summer days ahead!!

Happy Wednesday everyone :)

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