Tuesday, June 7, 2016

memorial day weekend

We had a fabulous Memorial Day weekend! Ryan had to work Saturday and Sunday night, but that didn't keep us from remembering and celebrating the lives of those who served.

We had lots of family staying with us starting Friday thru Monday, which was really a treat for me because otherwise the boys and I would have been on our own.

On Friday, Ryan's brother & family traveled down from NY and met us at Knoebels to have lunch, walk around, and ride rides :) If you've never been to Knoebels and live near central PA you need to check it out! FREE parking! FREE admission! LOTS of trees and shade! You can buy a hand stamp or just tickets {that's what we did}.
K isn't really into riding rides quite yet, but he enjoyed snacking, people watching, and snacking some more :)
He literally had it made in the shade with the stroller fan, drink, and food!
I had tried to take him on a pretty low-key ride when we first got there {the slow train that runs through the woods}, but he hated it. He cried and cried and wanted OFF....so it was a big surprise to me when Ryan {unbeknownst to me} put K on the Kiddie Whip It all by himself.

Ryan what were you thinking?!?

Poor little soul got whipped around 3x and then was done. He started to cry and they let him off. Which was a good thing because if Penn hadn't been strapped to my front I would have jumped the railing and rescued him myself. 

Daddy's can have some silly ideas, can't they?? ;0)

Look at this big boy though all ready to take on the Whip It!
Penn enjoyed riding on me the best :)
It was hot and we all got sweaty, tired, and gross, but it was fun! 
Naps all around for the ride home :)
The next day we had a little pool party...
Played outside...
Played inside...

And celebrated my nephew's 6th birthday with a cookie cake and ice cream!! 
Except I took no pictures of that. Boo

It was too funny, because they headed back to NY Saturday late afternoon and had no sooner driven out of the development when my sister pulled in with her family! I did a quick sheet change and vacuum and we were good to go!

My nephew had a travel baseball tournament nearby, so they stayed with us! We got to watch a "bayball" game, which Keaton loved!

The boys did SO well at the game! I love this picture...I've got 2 redheads...1 curly haired and 1 straight haired :)
This stroller is kind of amazing. If you have 2 kids even somewhat close in age I'd recommend it in a heart beat! I joked that we brought our own stadium seating, because both boys could see and we didn't take up a ton of room! 
Except Penn's favorite spot remains...on MOM. God bless this carrier! haha 
Or trying to stand up somewhere. Little legs still isn't walking, but wants to get around upright SO badly! 
Aunt Jenn teaching Keaton how to cheer :) 
Uncle Chris teaching Keaton how to eat snacks and watch the game. 
And #9 out there did an awesome job! I'm so glad I finally got to see a game :)
He's come a long way from those T-Ball days...
Keaton, Penn, & Owen :)  
So lucky to have a house full!!

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