Wednesday, September 8, 2010

running update

Remember all my lofty running plans for this fall?

Well I was mentally {and a little physically} getting all set to go when THIS happened:

Dah. So annoying.

Ryan and I thought about just forgetting training for a relay and do our best to finish a half marathon in late October/November time.

Then, after talking to some friends, we were told that the Harrisburg Half does have relay teams, so we signed up right away! We were going to sign up online but it costs like $6 more than printing out the application and mailing it in! Can you believe they charge that much?

So, this Sunday I'm lacing up and heading over to Harrisburg to run as fast as my legs can take me. I know it's sounds silly and probably kinda slow, but I would like to get under a 9min pace for 6.5 miles.

Ryan thinks I can do this no problem. At first I thought it would be tough without someone pushing me along, then I remembered there would be hundreds of people pushing me! Haha!

Saturday night we're having a mini-carbo load dinner...only mini because we're not going very far, but still need some carbo induced strength!

Overall, it has been so great to take a break from running this summer. Last summer I was training for the marathon and although I felt healthy and was a few pounds lighter {oh to have my marathon body back!}, it felt like that was all I did! This summer it was refreshing spending a little time running, then the rest having fun with Ryan and doing weekend trips!

I still can't believe I ran a whole marathon last year! Looking back I'm really proud of the time it was like no big deal {haha!}.

Anyways....who's ready for spaghetti, meatballs, and a little running on Sunday?

Erin and Stutz -- are you!?! {running is there new obsession :0) }

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