Thursday, September 9, 2010

happy birthday phinley

Hey Phinley! WAKE UP!

It's your birthday!

Common sleepy dog.
Alright, you got me. Go ahead and sleep.

Your birthday was 2 days ago. September 7th not 9th.

Oops. Totally dropped the ball on that one. Still not sure what I was thinking :0P

Are you really upset with me?

Okay good....I didn't think you would be.

Oh! I know I love to give kisses!

Even though you haven't been with us for a whole year, you sure have been through a lot.

First, you survived living on an Amish farm until you came to live with us! There were at least 5 little girls I saw giving you lovin' each time I came to see you. They carried you around loped over their looked happy, but in need of some more alone indoor space.

I wasn't sure if the lights and TV would shock you at first when you came to live with us, but you transitioned well. You were made to live in the "city."

That was the first big hurdle...getting used to a house powered by electricity and loud cars that would buzz by on our walks.

And then you had to go gender-less. I wasn't sure we would be forgiven for that.

You handled it all very well, but still not too happy with us...especially the cone head.

Sorry pup.

I said SORRY. Gosh.
And even though I was pretty sure you hit your rebellious teen years somewhere around month 10.....

You were still so very cute and loving and happy to be Erin and Ryan's little "baby" {until a real one comes along!}. Don't be still lots more time!!

Happy Birthday Little Dog!

Can't wait to celebrate "gotcha day" on December 23rd!


Andrea said...

Awww...they grow up so fast!

Happy Birthday Phinley! :-)

Emily said...

Happy birthday Phinley! You're such a cutie!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Phinley! Those teenage years can be rough the way is that you on the kitchen counter? Not a good idea!! :)


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