Monday, July 24, 2017

ocean city 2017 - part I

We got back from NC with a week at home to unpack, do laundry, and repack for our annual week in Ocean City, NJ with Ryan's family!

I had a good idea what it would be like with Keaton and Penn this year, since we had already had a week at the beach in May with my parents, but I still wasn't really sure what to expect with a 2 & 3 year old. Kids are so unpredictable!

Last year was tough. Penn woke up ever night {a couple of times} crying/screaming and was still just a difficult baby. Ryan and I both felt stretched, tired, and a little on edge at the start of that trip. I'm sure we were super fun to be around! hahaha Needless to say this year was completely different!! We all had a great time!! Kids will be kids, but it was a world easier!

OC is only a few hours away, but we still left nice and early to beat the incoming traffic. Our boys are basically professionals at riding in the car....
Penguin  ✔
Daniel Tiger ✔
Potty seat on the floor ✔
Keaton sleeping ✔✔
 We got there before we could check into the house, so we walked on the boardwalk and met Ryan's parents for lunch :) We opted for 2 smaller umbrella strollers this year to make maneuvering around the crowds more manageable.

 Penn did well at lunch, but can only sit for so we went out to the boardwalk to walk around a little. 
 After lunch we explored the boardwalk more. I think I was using the bathroom or something when I went to look for the boys and Ryan had them playing 10¢skeetball. HA  It was really fun and cute except Penn kept trying to climb onto the game and Keaton overhanded the ball a couple of times.
 The boys even managed to make the kid's version dangerous throwing the balls all around. In another year they'll be good! :)
 It really wasn't long and we were able to get into the house and unpacked. 

The cousins caught up...
Penn relaxed with Pop Pop
 And then everyone got cleaned up and jammies before bed.
 I was a little nervous about us all sharing a room, but the boys did great! They went down so well every night {pretty much!} and slept without any major interruptions!

Once they were both asleep, Ryan and I snuck out for a walk on the beach :) 
It was a great start to the week :)

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lharris said...

Yay. Been waiting for the Ocean City experience!

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