Sunday, July 16, 2017

nc trip - part II

My Dad had to work most of the time we were visiting, but on our last full day he was able to take off! We had this day packed with alllll the fun things to do in the area :) 

My Mom and I could have gone throughout the week, but really it's more fun with the whole family and the weather had just been so crumby - this day was finally nice!!

We started at Pullen Park {my personal favorite!}. I know I've mentioned it before - there's a train ride, carousel, kiddie boat ride, and big playground! If I lived nearby I'd go all the time!

Penn was most excited about the swing :)
Keaton rode the train with my parents while I pushed Penn on the swing and then he decided to ride the boats! This was a big deal for him because he's usually afraid of loud sounds and there were bells on the boats some of the kids were ringing like crazy! He loved it though! Even let this little boy sit next to him :)
And then he got his hands on his own bell and went to town! I think he rode it 3x :) SO fun!!
 After the park, we stopped at Wendy's for Keaton's favorite "pench pies and nuggets" and then rounded off the morning/afternoon at Krispy Kreme!

K ate his ENTIRE donut. It was impressive. hahaha

 Then we went home for the boys to take a nap, play outside and just when they thought it couldn't get any better we loaded back into the van for ICE CREAM!! AHHH! Minds were blowing everywhere!!

Keaton's love for ice cream is about as deep as his love for donuts. He got blue {cotton candy} with sprinkles :)
Penn got plain ol' vanilla, but only really wanted my Dad's rum raisin. Go figure ;0)
Somehow he ended up with the best part...
But still shared.
And that was about all the sweets we could take for one day!!

Except a little sweet lovin' from Grammy :)
Penn laid like that for probably 30's amazing they both sat still for any length of time considering all the sugar pumped into their system.

We headed back up to VA early the next day to pick up Ryan. K got another beloved ring pop, which I'm pretty sure is still somewhere in the van 0:-)
 We were sad to leave, but happy to see Daddy again!!

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