Wednesday, July 5, 2017

nc trip

A few weeks ago Ryan had work training in VA, so the boys and I dropped him off at his hotel and drove 3 hours south to stay with my parents for the week!!

It was a little last minute, but I'm SO glad we did it! I love staying at home with my boys, but a week with Ryan traveling just feels like a long time. 

Here's a great big high five to women whose husbands travel all.the.time.

The boys are expert travelers at this least in the car. They watched a movie, ate popcorn, and Keaton licked this ring pop once every 5 miles or so. I've never seen a kid eat a ring pop so slowly! HAHA
 My parents have this big fish tank with 1 fish - it ate all the others! Yikes! Penn was old enough to love on him this year and boy did he ever.
Penn was at the tank all the time saying "HI fish HI fish!" It was basically the cutest thing ever.
So the bully fish didn't lack attention or food the entire week. Keaton was in charge of feeding and Penn was in charge of smooshing his face against the glass :) I'm sure it's traumatized for life.

The weather was so lousy the entire week. It would rain and make everything soaking wet and then get hot and sunny...but mostly it was just rainy. My parents got out their pool, but really that little fountain was the most popular. Keaton was a big whiner the entire week and every time he got in the pool he'd cry and WHINE about being wet. It was really fun. 

I had planned to take them to a splash park or even just outside more, but with the rain we really couldn't. One morning, my mom and I took them to toddler time at a local trampoline park and it was a bit hit! I'm SO glad we got out and did this! Just little kids and a big space all to themselves!
Keaton collected all the blue things. He loves blue :) 
Halfway through the hour Penn needed a snack. 
And then at the end they gave out snacks, juice, and read a story! Penn couldn't hang for this...he's such a wild man.
 These 2 kept me on my toes for sure! I swear they were working together all week to make this Momma want to pull her hair out! haha
It was nice to have a few extra set of hands around to help!! Especially on all the rainy days!
 Keaton's artistic skills are really blossoming! I mean, check out those blue dots!
 Grammy teaching Keaton how to play match.
 Wrestling with Pop pop! Well K wrestled Pop pop and Penn wrestled his blanket ;0)

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