Wednesday, July 26, 2017

ocean city 2017 - part II

*Lots of pictures :)*

Sunday morning we opted to skip church and I headed to the grocery store while Ryan took the boys to the beach. The fact alone that he could take them both by himself speaks volumes as to how much easier it was this year! I know vacation with kids isn't really a vacation, but last year we had 2 babies and this year Keaton carried his chair out on his own...
I think I might have helped a little mid-way, BUT STILL ;0)

He was so proud of himself and just like I assured him, it felt good to relax in it once he made it to our spot.
Look at my 3 best guys...I'm one lucky girl!!
Penn loved to hate the beach and sand. Sometimes we'd catch him chasing a bird in the sand without his shoes, playing in the pool we drug down {every day}, or running toward the water, but then he'd look around and need us to hold him *eye roll* He snacked...a lot
If you see more pictures of him having fun in the water and sand that's probably the ONLY time he was enjoying it ;0) Next year he has to like it more, riiiiight?!? haha

Our days looked pretty much the same: everyone up at 6am, run with the boys in the stroller on the boardwalk, breakfast, beach, lunch, naps, beach again OR out to ice cream, boardwalk, or play at the house :)  It was a routine we got used to very quickly.

Story time with Grandmom before out to ice cream!
 Penn doesn't eat a lot of sweets, but he's recently discovered ice cream and LOVES it! At one point he reached over and grabbed a handful of Keaton's and shoved it in his mouth before I could stop him.
 And I love watching them enjoy it so it was a win-win!
   Now there was a little disappointment when Keaton's cotton candy came out pink and not blue {the horror!}, but he got through.
 A few pics of our time on the beach throughout the week!

 See, Penn thinks he loves it here, but really Ryan is distracting him with a funny song ;o)
They did enjoy this pool - I'd definitely recommend to anyone that has little kids who don't splash and jump in the waves to bring down an inflatable or plastic pool and fill with water.
 Most of the kids used it at some point!

 Keaton still wasn't a huge fan of getting wet and sandy, but this day he must have felt like letting loose a little.
 Keaton wore this same bathing suit when he was 15 months old - Penn is 27 months old. 
 Me and my buddy...
See he was mostly on my lap ;0)
The beach was great, but like I said...I think they'll enjoy it even more next year!! 

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