Friday, July 28, 2017

ocean city 2017 - part III

I know, THREE parts!! :) My hands were free to take more pictures this time around!

One of the things that was really fun to do this year with the boys was take them to the rides on the boardwalk. It was definitely a lot for them with all the noise, crowds of people, being past their bedtime, etc BUT they really enjoyed it!!

There is seriously nothing better than watching your kids have fun! 

Keaton saw a picture of his cousin Andrew riding these helicopters on Ryan's phone a few months ago and has been talking about it ever since. The time finally came for him to ride!!
 He and Penn both loved it too! So fun!!
 Penn was SO excited to ride this fire truck with Keaton, but wasn't not tall enough {who knew?!? #parentfail} 
 We tried to make up for his disappoint on the worked ;0)

"Chooo chooo"

 Gosh I love them!!
And if rides on the boardwalk weren't fun enough.....the boys got to spend a night with their cousins doing all the fun things with Grandmom!! I mean look at Keaton here. He's getting Grandmom's 4 simple rules and it looks like he's going to bust out of his seat with excitement {he's also paying attention, which makes me very pleased :)} When all the parents went mini-golfing....
They colored! 
They painted! 
They used bubble guns! 
They ran up and down the hall on bubble wrap! 
They had ice cream sundaes with all the toppings! 
They watched a movie! 
They had FUN!

And I'm seriously tired just from typing that all out. haha
 Well Ryan and I didn't win against the sibs this year....
 We did each win a free golf game token to use next year! What can I say, our skills on the course were lacking, but not our luck! After mini-golf we went to THE BEST ice cream place in Ocean City. If you go to OC you have to try it!! We may or may not have gone 4 times. 

On our last full day we hit the beach and then spoiled the boys with treats on the boardwalk one last time :)
 We left bright and early Saturday morning, got home around lunch, unpacked and then got our mail from our neighbor.

I'm pretty sure they think we have a problem. 
And I was officially embarrassed. SO many packages. haha 

Oh it was a fun one this year! A little different without my sister in law and newest niece with us, but next year they'll be there AND my newest nephew due in October! Cousins galore! 

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