Wednesday, June 7, 2017

topsail island - part III

And then we blinked and it was Friday. SO SAD.

Thankfully, this was the most beautiful day! Sunny! No wind! Warm!

We drank coffee on the deck and waited for the tide to go down.
 Patty cake on the beach with Grammy :) 
 Buckets ready for the canopy....
 Since it was the last day of vacation I really let Keaton live it up! He asked about his ring pop from the night before and I said "well it's only 9:30...BUT it's the last day of vacation SURE you can bring it down to the beach!!" haha
 He only dropped it in the ocean 1x and shared very nicely with Penn....
 For the most part. HAHA
 My Dad bought a kite at the dollar store and that ended up being a big hit!
 Keaton was so proud of flying it all by himself!
 Busy at work on a beautiful day!!
 We ended the day with pizza, brownie sundaes, and a bath in our "pool bath" aka jetted tub.
Already thinking about the fun we'll have next year....
 Trip home was long, but thankfully uneventful!! All I have to say is we got our $$ out of that potty seat ;0)

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