Sunday, June 25, 2017

june happenings

Is it really the end of June!?!

We've been busy so far this month :) 

We went to a few graduation parties and let me tell you....our boys know how to party.
Penn loves people, snacks, and being outside. This was basically the best day of his life :)
Park day :)

We love this park because it has a play ground, baseball field, basketball court AND pond with a fountain!!
Friend day!

 Target trip! 

This time penguin came along and rode shotgun in the cart.

 Ice cream!!

And yes, this is by far Keaton's favorite shirt. We have 2, so between them both he wears it 4x a week. haha
I have 2 boys who love me dearly...there is one touching or within inches of me at all times during the day. Every day

With 2 toddlers the days can certainly feel loooooong, but boy I wouldn't trade them for anything!! 

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